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Subscriber Number of registered SIM at ending period whose status is not defined as churn
Postpaid churn Subscribers whose payment status is overdue more than 60 days from due date
Prepaid churn Subscribers who do not refill to extend their validity within 45 days or subscribers who are inactive more than 90 days
Net additions Change of number of subscribers from beginning period to ending period
ARPU excl. IC Consolidated service revenue excluding inbound international roaming and interconnect revenues divided by average of subscriber at the beginning and ending period
MOU Number of billed outgoing minutes generated from voice call including international call usage divided by average subscriber
Churn rate Number of subscriber disconnections in the period divided by the sum of gross new subscribers in the period and the subscribers at the beginning period
Non-voice (data) Services apart from voice i.e. mobile data, contents, messaging and other non-voice services
EBITDA margin EBITDA / Total Revenues
ROE Net Income / Average Equity Between Beginning and Ending Period
Interest Coverage EBIT / Interest Expense
DSCR EBITDA * (1 - Tax Rate) / (One Year Debt and Interest Payment)
Net Debt / EBITDA (Interest Bearing Debt - Cash) / EBITDA
Net Debt / Equity (Interest Bearing Debt - Cash) / Ending Equity
Interest-bearing Debt to Equity Interest Bearing Debt / Ending Equity
Total Liabilities to Equity Ending Total Liabilities / Ending Equity
Free Cash Flow (FCF) Net Cash Flow From Operating Activities - CAPEX
Free Cash Flow Yield Free Cash Flow / (Market Capitalization + Net Debt)