AIS pride in upgrading Thai home internet to be best in the world Ookla has again confirmed it as top ranking home broadband internet in Thailand New "BROADBAND24" package is the fastest, with the 1st ISP that offers installation within 24-hour

5 February 2021: Kitti Ngarmchatetanarom, Head of Fixed Broadband Department at AIS said, “Current Thai demand for home broadband internet has continued to grow, particularly in the new wave of the Covid pandemic. This has required a change in lifestyles, with more working or studying from home. AIS Fibre, as a leading home broadband internet service provider, focuses on quality in every aspect to meet the needs of customers at every time of the day.”

“The key factor at the heart of our quality is our network. We never stop developing excellence. At latest, we are extremely proud that Ookla®, the world's premier benchmarking service for internet access performance, has announced that AIS Fibre won the Ookla® Speedtest® Award as Thailand's Fastest ISP for two consecutive years (2019-2020). Ookla® is trusted by over 500 million users in 190 countries around the world, making over 10 million internet performance tests daily, a cumulative total of over 30 billion tests with guaranteed network diagnostic accuracy to international standards. It remains the most popular speed-testing app in Thailand. From the latest scores in 2020, AIS Fibre remains the top-ranked ISP with a Speed Score of 137.94, an average download speed of 407.81 Mbps and upload speed of 299.44 Mbps. Prior to this, Ookla has disclosed that from tests of internet download speeds around the world in 2020, Thailand's home broadband internet had the No.1 highest average download speed in the world, decisively beating out providers from Singapore and Hong Kong. It is without doubt that all the hard-working staff of AIS Fibre have played their part in getting Thailand recognized for its upgraded quality and development of digital infrastructure, an index of international confidence.”

Kitti added, “When we have the number one network, we have the number one capability to deliver the best service which meets customers’ needs. So, when lifestyles are fluid, the 24 hours in each day are the most valuable thing for customers. This is why we have designed the first package in Thailand with value for money and attention to customers who have to Work from Home, Learn from Home or enjoy their Entertainment@Home. With the BROADBAND24 package, customers can be confident of high speeds and stability for both uploads and downloads. The Speed Toggle feature, which enables speed adjustments for maximum efficiency up to 1Gbps, is ideal for use in a family whose members have many kinds of devices. Most importantly, this package provides convenience of quick installation service within 24 hours from our team of professional installers. The end result is a huge effort to support Thai people to deal with the challenges of the current situation as best they can.”

BROADBAND24 package features include:

  • High speeds broadband internet up to 500/500 Mbps for only 599 baht/month (10% discount of only 539 baht/month for AIS customers). The only operator that offering Speed Toggle feature for adjusting speed to a maximum of 1 Gbps. It is possible to Overdrive Downloads 1000/300 Mbps and Overdrive Uploads to 300/1000 Mbps on unlimited occasions for free through or AIS Fibre LINE Connect.
  • Convenient and rapid installation service within 24 hours for every service channels (except for self-application through the website) and with a complete set of application documents. Customers can easily make contact 24 hours a day through the AIS Call Center 1175 and AIS Fibre LINE Connect. This also include the guarantee for service maintenance or troubleshooting to be completed within 24 hours (counting from time of customer reporting the issue, except in the case of natural disasters, and areas in which operations are prohibited).
  • SuperMESH WiFi Router: A new standard of routers in Thailand, with AIS Fibre the first and only operator to offer them. The router has been developed to the latest standards. Customers can apply for on top AIS Fibre MESH WiFi service which connects to their home as a Mesh WiFi network. This distributes the signal to be fast and strong in every room, eliminating blind spots in the home by an expert installer.
  • Optional on top service of AIS PLAYBOX for only 100 baht per month, plus the PLAY FAMILY package free for 24 months. Watch movies, TV series, concerts and a range of other television programs including 10 global premium channels.

“We will continue to provide the best home broadband internet service in every dimension. We will maintain our excellent quality at every step, End to End, to continue leveling up quality of life for all Thai people,” reiterated Kitti.

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