Thais unite to fight! AIS SME launches a new era, paving the way for being fully digital! "Trusted Companion for all SMEs" - convenient, confident, covering every aspects Increase sales, cost effectiveness, grow business, impervious to new wave of pandemic

11 January 2021: It is a new era of challenges for Thai people and SMEs who are the bedrock of the Thai economy. AIS SME will support them with the concept, “Trusted Companion for all SMEs”

  • The Office of SMEs Promotion (OSMEP) has reported that 61.4% of small and medium-sized enterprises lacked online sales channels during the Covid pandemic in 2020. 79.3% were able to receive online payments with just 38.6% having online channels for sales. Channels with the best sales were Facebook, LINE, and websites respectively.
  • AIS' own data suggested that the top four needs of entrepreneurs were sales promotions in the online market, adopting digital business innovations, improving flexibility and cost restructuring. Digital technology is being used for management, but until now, SMEs have lacked appropriate and cost-effective tools.
  • AIS SME has launched its digital framework, 7S concept, for serving and supporting Thai SMEs to be more robust. This is a new kind of business model to deal with every challenge and generate sustainable growth.

Tanapong Ittisakulchai, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS), noted, “Previously the business sector has been disrupted by digital technology and gradually changing consumer behavior, hand-in-hand with the opportunities of a new business model. This has become clearer with the COVID-19 outbreak last year, which has continued to the present. Although it is a massively damaging disaster completely overturning people's lifestyles, the business sector, and SMEs in particular, have used it as an opportunity to improve their business models with digital or online solutions as a new component of their business operations. This has enabled them to survive and grow sustainably, despite being the first sector to be directly impacted both with the national lockdown and the economic recession.

"AIS, as a Digital Life Service Provider, has focused on developing digital infrastructure in three aspects.

“There is the AIS 5G network, a leading regional network and number one in Thailand – fastest, strongest and with the most wavebands. There is the power of AIS Fibre home internet, which was recognized as the best broadband internet service provider in the Asia Pacific in 2020 by Frost & Sullivan. Then there are Digital Services covering every aspect to support lifestyles and business sectors, and in particular small operators or SMEs, as “Trusted Companion for all SMEs”.

CONVENIENT: Easily supplement your business with a range of services to meet the needs of every SME.

CONFIDENT: Delivering services with solutions on AIS quality network.

COVERING EVERY ASPECT: Care from experts with privileges enabling SMEs to keep on growing.

“AIS SME will be the friend that SMEs can rely on for everything through its digital digital framework, 7S concept. This comprises:

  1. AIS SME Mobile Services:  Every Communication solution has been designed specifically for SME business. Among these is SME Pro Social, which turns a business person into an online professional merchant. Starting at just 599 baht per month, this economical package covers both voice and internet while providing free service of live assistant, and discounts on a complete starter kit of live equipment. There is free use of social apps (Facebook, Instagram, LINE and WhatsApp), and free cyber insurance to reduce the risk of damage from currently prevalent cyber-attacks. There are extra privileges for customers who either activate a new number or port their number from another network. There are three levels of unbeatable value: Firstly, 10GB/month of 5G internet for 3 months for use in communicating during the Covid crisis. The second level is credit from UOB at a special rate, and the third is discounts of up to 30% on the purchase of tablets or smartphones from Samsung (only participating models).
  2. AIS SME Internet Services: Covering every location appropriate for businesses requiring internet service for customers such as hotels, apartments and hostels, with a speed and price appropriate for use according to the time of day. For instance, SME Office Broadband Plus starts at only 599 baht per month with a maximum speed (download/upload) of 500/500 Mbps, plus a range of other office management services.
  3. AIS SME Digital Marketing Services: The complete range of digital and online services suitable for businesses seeking the digital marketing tools to engage with target customer groups effectively. For instance, AIS Growbiz is an online marketing app including digital business card, reservation queue, automatic chat response system, Yellow Pages website, Digital Marketing 360°, Call Center services and the Thailand Ad Network (THAN)
  4. AIS SME IT & Digital Solutions: Every manner of back-office IT systems run to international standards, such as Work from Home solutions, Cloud, online accounting systems and monitoring systems. AIS SME is also the first and only mobile network operation to provide cyber security insurance for participating AIS SME packages.
  5. AIS SME Mobile Services:  There are full e-services providing convenience from online purchasing to online invoicing, payment, receipt, e-withholding tax, and myAIS for Corp.
  6. AIS SME Special Privileges: Even greater variety of privileges making both business and everyday life easier and more cost-effective. For instance, AIS SME BIZ UP is a hub for great deals such as online training courses, discounts on online advertising, and the privilege of continuing free internet for members of AIS SME BIZ UP to deal with the Covid situation. SMEs can now also collect AIS points from January 2021 onward.
  7. AIS SME Strategic Partnership: Every possible opportunity for new growth, building sales and making partnerships both in Thailand and abroad, through three cutting edge programs, AIS The StartUps, AIS BizUp partners and AIS Channel Partners.

“In this era, there is no simple recipe for success for SMEs as previously. It depends on whether we are bold enough to rapidly overturn challenges, problems or obstacles. In the digital world, competition is measured by the speed and spirit of changing a business model by smart application of technology and digital innovation, both in managing manufacturing costs and managing operations to be uninterrupted and seamless. AIS SME is confident of its readiness to provide the support for SMEs to make confident and strong progress, without the worries of back office service systems, because AIS SME expert team are looking after you. We are your trusted companion for all SMEs: convenient, confident, covering every aspects” concluded Tanapong.

Thai SME operators can apply for packages or get additional information through the following channels:

AIS SME website
AIS SME Facebook
Call Center 1149