Covid-19 can't hold back our happiness: AIS and Channel 3 create phenomenon of first 5G virtual concert in Thailand, "AIS 5G The Future of Virtual Celebration 2021". A bevy of 30 famous artists from every generation will bring happiness and excitement to Thais over New Year on a 360° screen this Dec 31th. The show is on AIS PLAY, AIS 5G PLAY VR application, AIS VR 4K and Channel 3 HD, without ad breaks

23 December 2020: Covid-19 can't stop the happiness on Countdown Night! AIS and TV's Channel 3 HD, the most popular Thai TV channel, giving the most excellent happiness, safe and free from worries, to all Thai people nationwide into the New Year with the best fun that can be imagined. The partners are organizing a 5G virtual Countdown Concert online, “The 1st in Thailand - AIS 5G The Future of Virtual Celebration 2021”. Viewers can access the excitement of the 5G Virtual Reality Countdown Concert. Together, the Thai nation will count out the old year and move into the New Year of the Ox, in the New Normal. The event will be the most impressive, the most imaginative, the most intimate and the most fun, just as if the audience were in front of a real. The proceedings will be broadcast through many channels: AIS PLAY, AIS 5G PLAY VR application, AIS VR 4K and Channel 3 HD. In line with the Covid-19 situation, Thai people are encouraged to maintain Social Distancing.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS noted, “At a time when Covid-19 is still with us, there have been limitations to organizing offline events, while Thai people will have to maintain hygiene and Social Distancing during the holiday season to see out the old year. AIS, as a Digital Life Service Provider, is now deploying the potential of the AIS 5G network to fulfill happiness in Thai people's lifestyles, in every dimension. As a result, AIS has revamped concerts from formerly physical concerts to online platforms. This enables Thai people at home to celebrate with their families, at “AIS 5G The Future of Virtual Celebration 2021”. This Virtual Reality (VR) concert can be viewed on the screen of a smartphone or a home television, and will deploy systems of vision, light, colour, sound and computer-generated effects in a 360° interactive multimedia format. Over 30 Thai famous artists have been booked who will appeal to every generation. The lineup includes BamBam GOT7, Peck Palitchoke, James Jirayu, Taew Natapohn, Toey Jarinporn, Mew Nittha, Push Puttichai, V Violette, Tom Isara, Weir Sukollawat, Bella Ranee, Peamai Avarin, Ally Achiraya, Billkin Putthipong, PP Kritt, Sky Wongravee, TRINITY, Polycat, Slot Machine, Triumphs Kingdom and Sao Sao Sao. An exclusive clip of New Year blessings will be provided by Lisa BLACKPINK. It will be a festival of happiness for Thai people, to experience the excitement as if they were at the actual stage of a real countdown concert. The concert atmosphere is created in a new format as a new experience. The audience can feel even closer to artists with an appropriate countdown celebration for The New Normal, ushering in the age of full 5G.”

All Thai people on any network can view the “AIS 5G The Future of Virtual Celebration 2021” concept simultaneously on the night of December 31th on AIS PLAY. An exclusive close-up 360° view is available on the AIS 5G PLAY VR application from 18.00 hours onwards, while the coverage on Channel 3 HD, starts at 22.20 hours without ad breaks.

Mr. Surin Krittayaphongphun, Director, President of TV Business, BEC World Public Company Limited, noted, “Thai TV Channel 3 is that most popular TV Channel in Thailand, having provided consistent entertainment for Thai people. On the occasion of welcoming New Year 2021 in the age of Covid-19, we are supporting Thai people to celebrate with their families at home. We are delighted to partner with AIS as a medium to broadcast happiness to Thai people nationwide with the concert of the year, “AIS 5G The Future of Virtual Celebration 2021”. This will be special, more exciting and more intimate with artists than ever before. A troupe of Thailand's leading performers will be bringing happiness to Thai screens in a program without ad breaks via Channel 3 HD from 22.20 onward.”

Mr. Pratthana provided some detail of the AIS program which has been prepared for broadcast. “To bring more happiness and warmth to Thai people than ever before during the special season, AIS has teamed up with its partners to give special privileges and boost network maintenance to welcome the Year of the Ox 2021 with the following:

  • Exclusive privileges for AIS customers: Redeem 10 AIS points for free Extra Care Plus Insurance cover from Muang Thai Life Assurance. This is accessed easily through the my AIS app from now until 31 January 2021. The policy includes accident cover of up to 100,000 baht and insurance for Covid-19, to give AIS customers even more peace of mind in the New Year.
  • Maximum alertness! Capabilities of the network will be enhanced by 300% for heavy use over the holidays, including AIS 5G, AIS 4G ADVANCED, AIS NEXT G, AIS SUPER WiFi and AIS Fibre. More engineering staff will be hired to maintain the network, and kept on standby to ensure full network capacity 24 hours a day. Whether at network management centers, the central office, or regional network management centers, engineers are there to troubleshoot every problem. Alongside them is the customer service team, including the team of the AIS Contact Center 1175 and every channel of social media. They are on standby to maintain 24-hour service, and deliver the best user experience to customers over the seasonal holiday and New Year.