AIS Fibre ensures Thai home internet is uninterrupted Strict policy of 100% safety standards for installation teams

22 December 2020: AIS Fibre is closely caring for customer safety during the second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic. It has appointed a team of engineers and service staff to deal with increased usage from Thai customers who are either working or learning from home. This will enable customers to use the internet at full efficiency with no interruptions. There has been a strict emphasis for internet installation teams to maintain government-mandated hygiene rules, both before and during the performance of their duties in the customer's residence. This practice follows professional service standards, to inspire confidence among customers and to give them the best possible service care.

Kitti Ngarmchatetanarom, Head of Fixed Broadband Department, AIS said, “With increased scrutiny following the current second-wave Covid-19 outbreak, many government and private bodies and educational institutions are now enabling their staff to work from home, as well as stopping regular school classes and New Year activities, to control the spread of infection and maintain social distancing. As a home internet service provider, AIS Fibre has prepared a comprehensive continuity plan enabling customers to access home internet which meets their current needs, without interruption and at full efficiency. We are also beefing up our team of engineers and service staff to stand by for efficient attention to the network nationwide, on call 24 hours a day in every locality around the country. On top of this is diverse communications channels for 24-hour troubleshooting. These include Call Center 1175, Online Agents, and Ask Aunjai. There are channels for customers to perform transactions for themselves easily, via the myAIS app or AIS Fibre LINE Connect, as well.”

AIS Fibre has also reiterated its confidence in its team of installation engineers with expertise to standard, ready to provide professional service. As well as designing packages appropriate for each customer group, whether students, office workers, company owners or SMEs, enabling them to Work from Home or Learn from Home with full efficiency and value, top priority is being given to strict hygiene measures in four stages of installation procedure. These comprise:

  1. Making advance appointments with customers to explain methods of maintaining safety, for reassurance before performing their duties in the customer's residence.
  2. Checking body temperature on every occasion, and informing customers before performing their duties in the customer's residence.
  3. Continuous face mask-wearing while performing their duties.
  4. Washing hands at every stage of working with alcohol gel.

Kitti confirmed that, “We want our customers to be confident that AIS Fibre is ready to provide Thai people with the best possible home internet experience in any situation. Customers can see more details of the package which meets their needs at