Magnificent show from AIS, the only 5G Virtual Countdown Concert in Thailand Bringing gladness to Thais celebrating 2021, in a new phenomenon of global virtual countdown

1 January, 2021: “AIS 5G the Future of Virtual Celebration 2021”, the only virtual countdown in Thailand and brought to life by AIS, has come and gone. It was a special gift for customers and the general public joining in with welcoming in the New Year 2021, with their families in a happy and safe environment using cutting-edge 5G Virtual Reality (VR) technology. The eye-catching and exciting graphics created a new phenomenon of online concert viewing, in the form of a virtual front-row seat, within touching distance of the stage.

Kicking off at 18.00 hours, the concert featured very special and exclusive shows from artists, celebrities and singers, and the idols of every generation of Thais. The huge lineup occupying the stage continuously included Weir Sukollawat, Push Puttichai, James Jirayu, V Violette, Tom Isara, Taew Natapohn, Toey Jarinporn, Mew Nittha, Bella Ranee, Peamai Avarin, Ally Achiraya, Billkin Putthipong, PP Kritt, Sky Wongravee, TRINITY, Polycat, Slot Machine, Triumphs Kingdom and Sao Sao Sao, Peck Palitchoke, BamBam GOT7. Global megastar Lisa BLACKPINK joined in giving blessings to her fellow Thais. The event concluded with a staggering display of digital effects, as a symbol for moving forward with the latest technology, which will bring happiness and a better quality of life to all Thai people in 2021.

The brand new style of a virtual countdown concert received broad interest from people all over the country. The event attracted large audiences through the channels of AIS PLAY, AIS 5G PLAY VR, AIS VR 4K and Channel 3 HD of over 5 million. It was a fabulous introduction for the new format of 5G-era concerts, which have raised the Thai entertainment industry to another level.