Groundbreaking AIS collaboration with BOSCH for Smart Manufacturing 4.0 Thailand's first ever 5G network trials at a real factory

Bangkok - AIS, the 5G network leader in Southeast Asia, and number 1 in Thailand with the most spectrum covering all 77 Thai provinces, is teaming up with Bosch, the trailblazer of world-class Smart Manufacturing and Factories. The partners are applying powerful AIS 5G network innovation to the industrial sector by trialling real solutions for Bosch at a real factory, the first important step to rolling out Smart Manufacturing, in line with the national Thailand 4.0 policy.

This factory trial of 5G networks is a continuation of cooperation between AIS and Bosch under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) concerning the development of 5G in industry, with the goal of supporting efficient communication processes between people and machinery, working together to eliminate risk and manufacturing errors. The collaboration also has the objective of levelling up Thailand’s competitive capabilities, and encouraging simultaneous knowledge transfer to all relevant people in the eco-system.

AIS President Hui Weng Cheong noted, “AIS is dedicated to developing 5G networks to support the needs of Thai people in every sector, and business and industry in particular. These are the core target sectors requiring the application of 5G network capabilities for the greatest benefit, in both factories and industrial estates. Now we are delighted to be working with Bosch Thailand, a world-class IoT company, to apply 5G networks to enhance the efficiency of solutions in Bosch’s factories. The trial is in a real factory for the first time in Thailand, located in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).

“AIS’ 5G technology has high speed, low latency and is a new communications standard for sensors and machinery in the Internet of Things (IoT) on Bosch’s Industry 4.0 solutions. They are being applied to factories to transmit data in real time, making the system transparent through Bosch’s ActiveCockpit solution. This can analyze and display a massive amount of data in real time, making machinery more efficient and making the factory’s internal logistics more convenient with unlimited signal transmission and connection. It is another source of pride for AIS to apply 5G network innovation to drive and upgrade Thailand’s industrial sector.”

Mr Joseph Hong, Managing Director of Bosch Thailand and Bosch Philippines commented, “Bosch has been researching 5G since the start of 2014. We saw the potential of 5G technology to unlock innovation in many domains such as autonomous driving, Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGV), the industrial IoT as applied to industry, and automated transport systems to support the manufacturing sector, one of Thailand’s key economic drivers. 5G will enable us to realize our vision of “Factory of the Future” in Thailand. On this occasion, we are delighted to be collaborating with AIS, an ever-present leader in the development of 5G networks. Combining AIS’ 5G with Bosch’s solutions is not limited to newly built factory installations, but can be retrofitted to existing factories and machinery. It boosts efficiency of communication between people and machinery, and many other processes in the factory. It can even verify and control a large number of machines wirelessly and remotely. The transfer of credible data in real time helps us to maintain business operations wherever they are. It is also driving Thailand’s digital economy to the next level.”