AIS Serenade Club opens latest Flagship Store at CentralwOrld Customers experience Digital Urban Lifestyle, reputation as Number 1 for service

30 October 2020: AIS Serenade Club Flagship Store has opened at CentralwOrld as the last word in superior service. It is bristling with 5G digital technology and all the latest gadgets to level up digital living with comprehensive entertainment options to suit the lifestyles of all generations. It has unveiled Max Serenade Ambassador, a smart robotic assistant who is the newest employee of Serenade Club to provide service and exclusive privileges.

Bussaya Satirapipatkul, Head of Customer & Service Management - AIS noted, "Serenade Club has been dedicated to providing superior Service for over 16 years, with the concept, 'Always Exclusive, Always on Top'. However rapid, strong or cutting-edge we become in today's era of 5G, we are focused on the principle of caring for customers and providing them with the best possible service. The design of this Flagship Store was inspired by our intention to make it the first Serenade Club outlet to level up our customers to Digital Urban Lifestyles. They can experience augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and shop for gadgets connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). As the leader in customer care, we have upskilled our Serenade Ambassadors with expertise on 5G and the IoT to smoothly guide customers into every dimension of the 5G era."

The newest AIS Serenade Club is located on Level 5 of CentralwOrld. It is a Flagship Store which has been radically redesigned with ideas of simplicity and being close to nature, to showcase aesthetic appeal and class. This is combined with the presentation of cutting-edge technology for customers to experience digital lifestyles in the age of 5G. There is a full range of gadgets divided into four zones: 1. VR Experience, of virtual reality content through AIS VR 4K equipment and AIS PLAY VR (Drop In). 2. Smart Living, essential devices for modern people to improve their quality of life, 3. Smart Entertainment, being entertainment devices from famous brands for the most enjoyment at any time and any place, and 4. Smart Lifestyle, promoting Digital Urban Lifestyles with IoT equipment, such as Smart Health equipment for home health checks, Smart Home equipment to transform living space, or Smart Car devices to make automobiles more convenient and safer.

"Together with all this, the Serenade Club unveils MAX, a smart AI robot with the role of Serenade Ambassador to welcome customers. MAX uses Natural Human-Robot Interaction technology to be natural in its responses and conversation, and emotional expressions. MAX even has an exclusive offer of a special internet package only available through MAX. The robot can also recommend hot promotions and famous stores, as well as special discounts for members of Serenade."

On this occasion, AIS Serenade has teamed up with young artist Setthaporn Korwanichkul, better known as Painterbell, to present the Digital Urban Lifestyle concept through the characters of John & Lulu, who represent AIS Serenade customers living digital lives in the era of 5G. Advice and assistance is provided by Oonjai, representing AIS, in the video clip 'Touch the Future'. This presents modern life as we experience it today. AIS Serenade customers can also pose for photos with AR John & Lulu the Serenade Club Flagship Store in CentralwOrld.

"The core committment of Serenade Club is to be a Premium Retails and Exclusive Services Center, which maintains the quality and standards for which AIS Serenade is renowned. We have made it even stronger with cutting-edge 5G and IoT digital technology. It is ready to upgrade the lives of AIS Serenade customers of every generation, and guide them to the Digital Urban Lifestyle in every dimension," concluded Bussaya.

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