AIS debuts PLAY NEWS, a Thai digital platform promoting Thai creators to fly high A variety news phenomenon with tag teams, real news people and the freshest news Served today on every channel of AIS PLAY

9 October 2020: on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, AIS is moving ahead with a digital platform made by Thai people for Thai people, as a Digital Life Service Provider and the country's leading digital network innovator and service operator. AIS is dedicated to creating opportunities and sustainable growth for Thailand's media and digital content industries, as well as generating income for creators in the future.

  • Lighting up the market is the "PLAY NEWS" service, a hugely-various news content phenomenon in the form of a video platform on AIS PLAY. This opens up opportunities to journalists and content creators, and gives them a channel to disseminate video content of a variety of news in their own style, under a dream team of Thai news personalities led by Suthichai Yoon, Thapanee Eadsrichai, Bancha Chumchaivate, Chompunut Pattharakajee, Tongchai Cholsiripong, Phamaha Sompong talaputto, Lam Chikko-IT (Teerak Boonprecha) and Page Ejan, as well as leading bloggers from various communities. Together they will be offering exclusive news content for Thai people to be updated on the daily news situation, under a concept that is different, shorter, more compact and knowledgeable in 5 minute chunks. Every Thai person on every network can watch for free, at any place, anytime on every AIS PLAY channel.
  • Also launching is a whole new dimension of news reporting with AIS 5G VR technology. It is the first time in the world for co-creation between network service operators and news creators to use VR technology. This will develop news reporting in a new format, broadcasting a 360-degree perspective for viewers to experience events virtually, as if they were present. This will kick off today with a special report by Tapani Iadsrichai surveying Bang Sue Grand Station, on the menu of PLAY NEWS through the app AIS 5G PLAY VR.

Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer of AIS, spoke about the origins of PLAY NEWS. He said, "On the occasion of AIS' 30th anniversary, we want to thank Thai people and give back to them by creating good content for Thai society. This is for Thai people to follow the news on emerging situations which will benefit their lives in the digital age. They can stay ahead of trends and the global situation, so they can adapt and keep up with a confusing world which is full of both true news and fake news. This news content will help to create immunity and Cyber Wellness for Thai viewers in a digital world when it is possible to link easily to sources of information using technology.

"From the perspective of driving the industrial sector we fully intend PLAY NEWS to be the model of a content business which is sustainable for people who prefer Professional Generated Content Creators. This will be extended and developed as a source of new revenue for content creators in the future, to create a win-win situation in the overall media sector and social media platforms in Thailand. We will also apply the potential of our 5G network and virtual reality (VR) innovations, to build co-creations upgrading the production of news reports in a new dimension for the Thai media industry, for all Thai people to see the benefits of 5G technology.

"Finally AIS would like to thank its partners, and all journalists who have joined with us to make this video platform for Thai people become a reality, with sustainable growth. It will be a New high for the media industry and content creators."

PLAY NEWS plays news for Thai people, and is the latest phenomenon of the greatest variety of news formats in your hand with just one click. It is serving up the latest developments in Thailand and around the world, cut into bite-sized segments which are short and easy to understand, and only 5 minutes long. Get to understand everything, and get regular updates every morning, noon and evening, for every kind of person on every network. View for free from any place or at any time required, in the form of video-on-demand on every channel of AIS PLAY, including the AIS PLAY app, the AIS PLAYBOX, the website , the APPLE TV box, and SAMSUNG SMART TV.

To begin with, there are eight leading presenters led by:

  • Suthichai Yoon, news media legend talking about news from around the world in "Suthichai 5 minutes"
  • Thapanee Eadsrichai, one of Thailand's most renowned female journalists, taking you to every location and exploring every issue followed by society in breaking news, "In the field with Thapanee"
  • Bancha Chumchaivate, the famous business reporter, gives easy-to-understand updates on the economic situation, financial markets and capital markets, both from Thailand and around the world in "Bancha Newsocial"
  • Lam Chikko-IT, the popular it influencer, talking about deep topics in the IT industry. It will be both fun and keeping up with trends in "Talking trends with Chikko-IT"
  • Phamaha Sompong talaputto covers Buddhist news in Charoenporn News
  • Chompunut Pattharakajee and Tongchai Cholsiripong summarize the daily news, bringing the top stories, the hot issues both in Thailand and abroad in the short 5-minute segments on "PLAY NEWS PLAY in the Morning" and "PLAY NEWS Around the world". See them regularly every 6 a.m. in the morning and 6 p.m. in the evening, available for continuous re-viewing.
  • Ejan is the leader of investigative news features on social media, giving deep analysis about cases of social interest in "Ejan Seub Tata Joh"

There will also be video clips and interesting news content for all communities from such as Khao Sod, SPIN9, QTAYMEE, iPhonedroid, Appdisqus, Techxcite, MX Phone, iBelieveIT, Whatphone, Trend2mobi and Flashfly.