AIS launches "30 years of AIS, Ordinary that is Extraordinary" The path of tech leadership revolutionizing Thai telecoms over three decades Inspiration for the new generation to grow in their own style

28 September 2020: AIS, a leader in regional 5G networks and number one in Thailand with the most spectrum covering 77 provinces around the country, is celebrating its 30th anniversary of business operations. It is holding a book launch for 30 years of AIS, Ordinary that is Extraordinary, the only book to record AIS' 30-year journey through many ups and downs. It comes from the pen of chief executive Somchai Lertsutiwong, who rose through the ranks from an ordinary member of staff to the highest position in the nation's number one telecommunications company.

AIS Chief Executive Officer Somchai Lertsutiwong commented, “’30 years of AIS, Ordinary that is Extraordinary’ came from my desire to communicate the history of AIS. The title of the book, ‘Ordinary that is Extraordinary’, came from the company itself. It may just be an ordinary company, but there is something extraordinary hidden within it. That thing is our pioneering of communications technology and innovation which had never previously existed. We fostered change and upgraded Thailand, to progress and achieve parity in world-class cutting-edge technology. Everything that happened had a hidden lesson which the company gradually accumulated, and eventually, this became a body of knowledge that we could pass on to our people and ecosystems, to enable robust growth.

“Meanwhile, every point in that history made AIS people more professional. It instilled us with a service mind at every waking moment. Having the resolve to deliver happiness and convenience to our customers from our products and services, is what has moulded the DNA of AIS employees to the present day.

“This is also a record of changes in telecom technology for Thailand. From the pioneering era of 1G, 30 years ago, a time when wireless communications were a distant prospect for most people, it tells the story to the present day, when a communications tool such as a smartphone has become an extra human limb. Right now, we are entering the 5G era and developing AIS professionals to support strong industrial growth. In writing this book I have used a philosophy of three words in every chapter, which is the same method I use to work with anybody in my working life.

“Apart from the 16 chapters of content, an exceptional part of preparing this book was integrating analog and digital media. The book is printed on 100% EcoFiber paper, helping to cut down on resources and conserve the environment. There is also a multimedia e-book full of images and sounds. On the last page of every chapter, the reader can scan a QR code or click to see impressive video clips from each period of AIS' 30 years.

“The e-book also contains an audio book with contributions from individuals particularly special for AIS. These include people such as Nong Bank-Watchiratham and Nong Praek-Witsanu, our youth ambassadors from the AIS Smart People Strong Mind program, Khun Ohm-Nattaphum, our disabled call center operator who found AIS to be the first place giving job opportunities after a long time trying to find positions available to disabled people, James-Jirayu, our first presenter of AIS 3G, and AIS employees from a wide range of departments.”

Be a part of this three-decade journey through the book “30 years of AIS, Ordinary that is Extraordinary”. It is on sale from 30 September 2020 onward at the price of 250 baht through three distribution channels: the AIS online store and the Ookbee app, leading bookstores. It will also be at the 25th Book Expo Thailand (at the Matichon booth, no. H26) between 30 September and 11th October 2020, held at Challenger 2, Impact Muang Thong Thani. AIS will donate all proceeds from the sale of the book to Banphaew Hospital (Public Organization).

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