AIS opens up app strategy to attract new normal customers with insights Turning myAIS into a brand new friendly app with lifestyle privileges for every day

17 August 2020: As Thai consumers have shifted their behaviors to go online increasingly, myAIS App has become a vital channel regularly used by AIS and AIS Fibre customers. From the first year of launch until now, the app has been downloaded by over 16 million subscribers, with over 5.5 million active users per month currently. The proportion of privileges usage on myAIS App has tripled, and AIS Points redemption has quadrupled from last year. This has led to a key update of myAIS App to version "X" with better insights from maximal understanding of customers. This version has been upgraded to be an Everyday Lifestyle Application covering all the bases with the concept, "Personalized to Delight." Easy-to-access and convenient services, and privileges which can be applied for better value in every day, have made the app the number one channel which customers accept and trust the most.

Bussaya Satirapipatkul, Head of Customer & Service Management at AIS noted, "Throughout its life, myAIS App has been continuously developed into an app which customers use regularly to bring them convenience anywhere and anytime. The development of this latest version is a significant upgrade. Studies of customers' behavior show that online channels have been normalized with consistent use for shopping, ordering food, or making financial transactions. It has now been proven that anyone can use the app, which caters to lifestyles in the age of New Normal. We have developed this latest version of myAIS App with the concept of Everyday Lifestyle Application. The user interface has been improved to better fit with people's lifestyles, while myAIS App is now a lot smaller, to save on smartphone storage space. Functions have also been developed with better customer insight, offering packages which match customers' service usage, and special offers for customers to follow, giving them special privileges every day."

Selected special offers exclusive to AIS and AIS Fibre customers in myAIS App version "X" include:

1. Express Services are functions designed for convenience and ease of use based on customers' usage patterns, combined with global standards of payment security.

  • Convenient and safe with biometric login system using face scan or fingerprint, for better confidence in financial transactions through myAIS App, with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which AIS is the only operator certified for such global security standard
  • Easier and more convenient access to popular functions, whether it be checking service charges, paying bills, topping up, or applying for packages exclusive to AIS and AIS Fibre customers.
  • For new customers, AIS is the only operator in Thailand with complete self-activation of SIM cards online (eKYC) that supports user identification of both Thai and foreigners right on the app.
  • AIS and AIS Fibre customers can combine their numbers to upgrade to Serenade by account (maximum of 5 numbers).
  • Payment services of every method with maximum security, with the choice of credit card, debit card, e-Wallet, or bank account via PromptPay QR Code and bank application (App-to-App)
  • Shop online the easy way at the AIS Online Store with myAIS App

2. Extra Personalization: Customers's usage behaviors are learned by Machine Learning to offer packages that is appropriate for use during each time period, in order for customers to get the package which gives them maximum value.

  • Special Package: AIS customers get extra specials such as the triple Internet package offered for a specific period of every month, available on myAIS App only
  • Promotion Package: Special promotions including personalized offers that are better matched to customers than ever before.
  • Serenade Great Deal: In addition to easy and seamless services from AIS Online Store, special privileges are offered monthly for Serenade customers to use AIS Points as on-top discount to buy the latest hit model of smartphones.

3. Exclusive Privileges: New privileges and expansion of existing privileges catering to customers' lifestyles. AIS 5G customers can use their privileges anytime and anywhere through myAIS App:

  • AIS Coupon: A privilege on myAIS App served as a stream for AIS and AIS Customers to collect AIS Coupon for free every day until the end of December 2020 with over 1 million coupons.
  • Gamification: A fun game of "Prize Challenge" in which AIS and AIS Fibre customers use just 1 AIS Point, or maximum of 3 AIS Points, to play a game and win great value prizes including high-speed Internet packages, or extra AIS Points of up to 100 AIS Points, with total prize value of 10 million Baht.
  • Lucky Draw: A smorgasbord of very special prizes, only to be found here, including hot smartphones and gadgets with specially selected rare items which are easy to win. Super-special for AIS and AIS Fibre customers is "Luck in your lap with myAIS App," offering prizes of Yamaha FINN motorcycles or gold every month when topping up or paying bills through myAIS App. Every 100 Baht paid gives one stake in the Lucky Draw. Total prizes for the whole year worth over 15.8 million Baht.
  • AIS Points: Easy happiness at any time by just using points to redeem privileges that matches their lifestyles in every day, whether it be voice calls, Internet, cool premiums, or a host of discounts at famous restaurants. It is even possible to earn extra points by playing games, available only on myAIS App
  • Variety of privileges exclusive to myAIS App, such as discounts of up to 50% with the new Well-Being privilege. For this, AIS has teamed up with partners in every segment of the healthcare and beauty sector, led by the Ministry of Public Health, leading hospitals, medical and beauty centers, life insurance companies, online medical consultation applications, and Thai suppliers of health and wellness products. There are discounts on tour packages with airline tickets and five-star accommodation with special prices starting at only 5,700 Baht. The privileges include popular Food Delivery partners catering to "New Normal" lifestyles, and discounts of up to 50% from popular restaurants nationwide.

"The continuous development of myAIS App underlines AIS' attention to take care of our valued customers in every aspect as end-to-end experience that caters right to their needs. Combined with ASK Aunjai service, a smart AI on hand as a personal assistant for customers end-to-end 24/7, it is like having AIS Shop and AIS Contact Center right on the customer's phone. In the future, we are confident that myAIS App will be the premier channel that is trusted by customers, as an application which is useful and practical, has maximum security, and guarantees the best customer care," concluded Bussaya.

AIS and AIS Fibre customers can download the new myAIS App today from the App Store and the Play Store.