AIS offers care for Thais amid Covid-19 Launching a new "Well-being" privilege for preventive health care Bring quality products and health services to meet customers' health concern

30 July 2020: AIS emphasizes the leader in customer care with the concept "AIS360°, the real No. 1 in every care" to enhance the customer care to cover all lifestyles. Most recently, launching a new focus of privilege for good health, "Well-being", in answer to Thais' lifestyles in the New Normal era that cares more about health, with the concept of prevention before treatment and being a concern from AIS to over 41.1 million customers.

AIS joins hands with partners in the medical and beauty industry led by Ministry of Public Health, leading hospitals, medical and aesthetics service centers, life insurance companies, online doctor consultation applications, and Thai health product operators by bringing quality herbal products and services in health, beauty, life insurance, medical, and telemedicine services nationally and internationally known to provide special privileges and convenience for AIS, AIS Fibre, and Serenade customers to have a way to quality products with deserving more, including to support Thais to protect, hold healthful, far away from the disease, and encourage small and SME entrepreneurs to sell products and reach customers to restore further with the Thai economy to be robust and sustainable.

Mrs. Bussaya Satirapipatkul, Head of Customer & Service Management - AIS, said, "AIS continues to emphasize the spirit of taking care of essential customers in all groups, all ages, both in terms of service and all privileges lifestyles through various privileges that we have continuously selected for customers in 5 core themes - food, beverages, travel, shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle, which are all privileges that genuinely answer the lifestyles of all customer groups and has received many acknowledgments from customers participating in various campaigns.

Moreover, with the customer care experience based on Customer Insight, we found that during the outbreak of Covid-19, Thais have transformed their attention to love for health and take good care of their bodies to fight against critical diseases. AIS has expanded the privileged support by 1 new focus: Well-being to encourage all Thais to be healthy and protect themselves before receiving treatment. By integrating with medical and aesthetic partners, government, private sector, and SME entrepreneurs offer extraordinary health benefits like covering the process of consulting a doctor, checking the health assessment and choosing health care products to stress relief activities as an alternative for AIS customers to access health services with more convenience and more value.

Full privileges in 5 core health areas to connect the balance of health and beauty, covering holistic and external health care, consisting of:

  1. Health Care Product: Delivering quality Thai herbs for Thais by collaborating with the Ministry of Public Health and the Department of Traditional Thai Medicine to select the best health products from Thai herbs and organic products in the Healthy Aging group or the product in preventing category from taking care of health and strengthening immunity with standards that are affirmed at the national and international level, guaranteed by the Prime Minister Herbal Awards (outstanding domestic herbs) and Premium Herbal Products (quality herbs) such as Tangchao plus, NaturalCode, Siang Pure, Chorkoon, La vita, P80 and Dii Supplements, etc., to give privileges to AIS, AIS Fibre, and Serenade customers to reach Thai quality products with more convenience and value to meet the needs of customers who want to take care of their health from natural Thai herbs.
  2. Health Care Service & Solution: For Serenade customers who prefer new health care and eternally desire for good appearance, AIS joins Bangkok Anti Aging Center (BAAC), an anti-aging medical center and leading Thai beauty, and Panprapa Clinic, which is a full-service beauty clinic to provide exclusive privileges to the Immune Booster Drip Vitamin Program and Megadose VITAMIN C at a special price for Serenade customers to supplement vitamins, strengthen the immune system, and balance the body to be healthy for being ready to cope with Covid-19.
  3. Preventive Health Checking: check and evaluate the health of the body with peace of mind anytime, anywhere, with modern medical services and confident with a team of medical experts from leading hospitals, such as Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok Hospital and Rama 9 Hospital that will make every treatment easier and more effective than before, such as:
    • Telemedicine: Online telemedicine consultancy service by collaborating with Doctor Raksa and Doctor A to Z applications and Bumrungrad Hospital to provide new alternatives for AIS and Serenade customers to efficiently ask advice from a medical professional online without traveling to the hospital, save time and help the doctor reaching in an emergency, or in a situation where it is not possible to travel to a doctor, it will help to unlock constraints on social spacing, and reduces access to medical personnel even in remote areas. All of these meet the New Normal lifestyle, starting with privileges from August 2020 at a special price of up to 50% off, beginning at only 100 baht.
    • Join with Bumrungrad Hospital to offer special privileges for @Home Service, which is ready to provide healthcare at home for a special price such as wound plaster services, food replacement services, blood collection, and examination services at home, and vaccination services. Besides, Covid-19 offers exceptional discounts for Serenade customers for only 5,500 baht from 7,500 baht with special privileges beginning on 1 August 2020.
    • Join with BDMS Wellness Clinic and Royal Anti-Aging Center, Bangkok Hospital, Soi Soonvijai, offer special discounts for the diagnosis of genetic disorders for health care and reduce the risk of coming diseases at a special price for Serenade customers.
    • Join with Rama 9 Hospital to offer special privileges for the 4 tensions of disease vaccination for AIS, AIS Fibre, and Serenade customers at a special price of only 850 baht, including a room and medicine discount of 5-10%.
  4. Health Insurance: No concerns about expenses when sickness in the future by joining with Muang Thai Life Insurance to provide privileges to Serenade customers who apply for coverage of the Muang Thai Elite Health Project. Also, every premium payment of 15,000 baht, will receive a Central gift worth 1,000 baht. Besides, collaborating with Prudential Life Insurance to provide special privileges to AIS, AIS Fibre, and Serenade customers who use "Pulse by Prudential" health app, receiving a COVID-19 virus life insurance for free, which provides maximum coverage of 555,000 baht, 60 days coverage period.
  5. Leisure & Relax: Satisfy your body from exhaustion by joining Let’s Relax Spa to provide a discount of up to 20% to recharge to enjoy life again, starting on 12 August 2020.

"All of this, we are confident that it will surely meet the needs of health-conscious customers in the New Normal era. In the future, AIS aims to expand more diverse health privileges by developing business partners, direct medical groups, and alliances in health-related business groups, including taking care of AIS customers for every group and every generation to have access to the best health services." Mrs. Bussaya concluded.

Customers can follow more information and conditions for receiving privilege via my AIS App and