AIS Brings 5G and IoT Innovation to enhance the "Smart Samui" Enhancing safety for tourists and people, creating Smart City to stimulate Thai tourism

29 July 2020: AIS reinforces the leader of the 5G network in the region and the No. 1 in Thailand with the most spectrum and coverage of 77 provinces nationwide, including being the first and only one in Thailand that holds IoT network both eMTC and NB- IoT which crosses 77 provinces throughout Thailand. Currently, AIS is joining with Koh Samui Municipality and Lighting & Equipment Public Company Limited or L&E to develop Smart Lighting solutions on the NB-IoT network, an innovative intelligent lighting to increase safety in the city area by the pilot program toward real use in the project "Improve security performance, reduce and prevent road accidents, and save energy” to promote Koh Samui tourism in Surat Thani province", which is already completed with the installation of 4,773 lamps across the streets of Koh Samui to promote Koh Samui to be "Samui Smart City", build confidence and security for Thais and foreign tourists traveling to Koh Samui, as well as strengthen the tourism sector to drive the tourism economy on Koh Samui to be robust again.

AIS is ready to continue and test the Smart Pole technology on the 5G network. The Smart Pole consists of Smart Lighting that can be automatically controlled the on and off or dim of the light following the climate and CCTV cameras that connect the video signal on the 5G network to the center, which will enhance the safety of the city more effectively.

Ms. Asnee Wipatawate, Head of Enterprise Product & International Service of AIS, said that "Smart city is the goal of urban development, which all areas in Thailand will drive to reduce the use of resources and improve citizens' quality of life. The main factor driving towards this goal is the integration of network innovation and digital technology to enhance city management's efficiency. On this opportunity, AIS, as the leader of the 5G network and the innovative IoT network that covers all 77 provinces nationwide, is delighted to participate in driving Thailand towards the goal of becoming a smart city under the collaboration with Koh Samui Municipality and L&E to develop Smart Lighting solutions on the NB-IoT network, which have been installed for real use throughout the Koh Samui area, which will increase confidence in safety of tourists and local people, enhancing Koh Samui to be a smart city and bringing the NB-IoT network to real efficiency of the country's infrastructure following Thailand's goal to become a smart city in all areas throughout the country in the future."

Smart Lighting is an innovation of intelligent lighting whose operation and data connection is driven by The NB-IoT network technology, which can operate without restrictions in distance and obstacles, making the system stable; hence increasing the ability to connect to the sensor embedded in the L&E lighting equipment installed throughout the Koh Samui area to control the on and off or dim the light automatically following the climate. Moreover, the lighting of lamps in each area can be checked via the Samui Smart City Command Center; hence enhancing the efficiency of lighting infrastructure management of Koh Samui Municipality, creating the possibility to use resources efficiently, as well as to provide effective safety for citizens and tourists; lifting Koh Samui to full mode of Samui Smart City. This is a real implementation of the NB-IoT network at the regional level to enhance the efficiency of government infrastructure and to differentiate and increase value for goods and services of the private sector.