AIS joined forces with the Thailand Post to expand the great campaign "Thais without E-Waste" Increase E-Waste collection points at over 160 post offices nationwide Support Thais, even when sending parcels near or far, to carry E-Waste on their own for disposal at all times

2 June 2020: AIS continues with the mission for society by expanding the great campaign "Thais without E-Waste, " which cooperates with partners from both public and private sectors to dispose electronic waste (or “E-Waste” in this campaign we emphasize on mobile phone, battery, charger, power bank and head phone) correctly. Most recently, AIS joined forces with the Thailand Post by adding E-Waste collection points nationwide in over 160 post offices. As well as encouraging Thais to participate in sustainable environmental protection by separating E-Waste and taking it to the collection point.

Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer of AIS, said, "Since October 2019, AIS has announced a critical mission to enhance the quality of life and the environment for Thais by volunteering as a center for the collection and disposal of E-Waste correctly.

Currently, the project received well accepted from the public, with a total of 49,952 waste in the past 7 months, which can decrease carbon dioxide emission by up to 499,520 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents or the equivalent of 55,502 large trees that absorb CO2 for 1 year. AIS will correctly recycle all E-Waste by the Zero Landfill process, which is a waste management process to reuse for recreating the value repeatedly. It additionally helps to reduce landfill that is contaminating the world in the long run.

In this time, AIS has expanded the campaign "Thais without E-Waste", which is dedicated to supporting Thais to access electronic waste collection points near your home comfortably by cooperating with leading public and private sectors in establishing E-Waste collection points.

The cooperation with the Thailand Post will empower people to access the E-Waste collection points closer to their home because the Thailand Post has a network of post offices that settle in all provinces nationwide. Besides, the Thailand Post is also a significant figure that connects the Thai economic network to be extended throughout Thailand and around the world. This cooperation will provide people who are sending mails, goods, or parcels to be able to carry E-Waste on their own for disposal at all times.

Mr. Korkij Danchaivichit, Chief Executive Officer of Thailand Post told about this cooperation that "The Thailand Post brought the strengths of an extensive network to reach people nationwide by cooperating with AIS in setting up electronic E-Waste collection points in over 160 post offices nationwide in order to encourage people to bring E-Waste into the E-Waste box, which provides the convenience to people who come to use the service can make E-Waste disposal with a simple way to do. Also, it is recognized as a valuable tool to excite Thais to spend more attention on the environment, especially electronic waste issues, which, if incorrectly disposed of the waste it will make a long-term impact."

Currently, "Thais without E-Waste" have a total of 1,806 E-waste collection points nationwide e.g. 160 post offices, 136 AIS shops, 34 branches of CPN shopping centers, Thammasat University, Khon Kaen University, Mahidol University and condominium buildings in Bangkok and up country etc.

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