AIS confirms the readiness to take care of customers, in line with the NEW NORMAL in the COVID era Showing the statistics of myAIS App. and ASK Aunjai: The smart AI, which surged 200% during the lockdown, Prepare to upgrade the Digital Platform to become a real Everyday Lifestyle App.

22 May 2020: During the COVID-19 situation, Thais have changed their behavior to enter the New Normal era in several cases with a dynamic social context. The offline world's traditional way of life is regularly moving towards the online world, nearly to the full form. The most obvious cases are Work from Home, Food Delivery, Online shopping, and Online Transactions, which have increased exponentially over the past 2 months.

Since a measure about the closure of many locations, including department stores on 22 March 2020, AIS customers have expanded to use on the myAIS application and ASK Aunjai: The smart AI with more than doubled and be the main channel that customers daily use until today. With the capability to support digital technology, which AIS has continuously prepared to build Digital Engagement via Gamification to meet the New Normal lifestyle in the COVID era.

  • Open the statistics of myAIS App., which is like bringing the AIS Shop and AIS Call Center into customer's hands to meet the needs during the Lockdown period with a total of up to 1 million users per day. The number of new users increased by 72.4%, while the top-up bill payment surged to 200%.
  • Show ASK Aunjai: the smart AI chatbot that has done learning for over 3 years. It can provide full customer service to 90%, which does not need to be transferred to the staff. And it has an accuracy rate up of 83%, with satisfaction from customers higher to 92.5%.
  • Continue to create Digital Engagement with customers via Gamification on the myAIS App., and becoming the Everyday Lifestyle Application to give fun and excitement that comes with convenience and long-term engagement.

Mrs. Bussaya Satirapipatkul, Head of Customer & Service Management - AIS said, "Throughout the lockdown over the past 2 months, AIS has consistently developed customer service work since the epidemic entered Thailand. With the potential and the professionalism of the personnel, the customer care setup can be fully completed and done in all processes within a short time. We continually combine intelligent technology, which we developed previously to facilitate customers to use the service seamlessly, and without interruption 24 hours via the Digital Platform that we have invested all the strength to prepare the system to be more ready than ever, in order to support customers since the situation started to show with more criticality. This is the reason why we can respond immediately. By the capability to support the technical of the backyard system, and the team that remains ready for 24 hours, take into account with the ease of use, convenience, and do everything as possible as if the AIS Shop and the AIS Call Center are offered in the customers' hands with easy to use, complete service, and finishes in one place."

The number of users to use the Digital Platform service has increased dramatically since the government announced lockdown since 22 March 2020, consisting of:

  • Bill payment and top-up usage have surged by more than 200%.
  • On 10 April 2020, the first day of registration to receive an exclusive privilege for free! AIS joins with the government to provide the internet to 10 GB. It found that myAIS reached a record high of 1 million per day.
  • The number of customers using myAIS grew by 28.5% compared to the average in 2019, and the number of new customers increased by up to 72.4%.

The factor that has pointed to the increase in the myAIS App. comes from the capability to facilitate customers without distinctive from using the service through the AIS Shop or the AIS Call Center, such as register SIM cards by customers anywhere and anytime immediately and conveniently, apply to modify and select Promotion, including redeeming exclusive privileges. Also, it found that customers use this channel to help complete transactions with phone numbers of their families in high amounts of usage during the lockdown.

With our purpose to make myAIS become the No. 1 Everyday Application in the heart of our customers, we step up to the next level by creating Digital Engagement via Gamification, which brings fun and excitement with special rewards to customers and strengthens engagement to myAIS every day. AIS has also begun giving all of this to customers earlier, starting with a fun game series. "Aunjai Reward Challenge", which launched as the first game on 5 May 2020, and The "Reward Crush" game, which AIS customers use only 1 AIS Points, not over 3 AIS Points, can play games to win big prizes, including full-speed internet packages, AIS Points up to 100 points and collaborating with partners to win amazing prizes and much more excitement.

"Another highlight that is being widely talked about is the ASK Aunjai: the AI assistant service that takes care of providing advice to customers 24 hours a day, which has increased usage dramatically

  • Use AI technology from Nuance, the world's best technology AI expert in the world. It is guaranteed by leading companies worldwide using this technology, such as Apple and more than 200 leading airlines.
  • There is the best Coach bot process from a professional team specializing in collecting more than 8 million transactions that customers contact from all channels and bringing to process and do Coach bot continuously, which makes Nuance sets us to be the Best Practice that uses AI technology with the most effectiveness.
  • More than 3 times in usage compared to the average usage in 2019.
  • We can take care of our customers with End 2 End by reducing the amount of passing work to the staff up to 90%.

The top 3 issues that customers are engaged in asking, a total of 65%, such as:

  1. Asking for advice about packages and mobile usage.
  2. Check the service charges and bill payment.
  3. AIS Fibre Service.

In the past, ASK Aunjai answered 83% of the questions accurately, which is higher than the standard of the World Contact Center 2019. For the AI Chatbot, which measures only 75% of accuracy, and also receives a higher AI CSI score every year. The newest overview of 2020 has an average score of 92.5%, which is higher than the global standard of just 62%. This indicates that customers are confident that they feel close, comfortable, and courageous to talk and ask with ASK Aunjai to suggest information more significantly.

Besides, the situation has made AIS recognize the potential of employees in UpSkill and turning it into a new style of work, especially Call Center staff, who have adapted their work to be Home Agent style that works on the screen from home. They can provide solutions to customers with no distinction from regular times and can also allocate staff and working schedule properly and more effectively. Also, AIS Shop staff have transformed themselves to deliver online services via new services such as LINE @AIS Shop, which shows the working in the New Normal era that is available to serve in all situations.

Mrs. Bussaya emphasized that, "The COVID-19 phenomenon emphasizes that the development of customer service channels on the Digital Platform that has always been defined by the vision of being a Digital Life Service Provider can meet the needs of customers that have adapted to its digitalization and become a part of NEW Normal in customer's life without interruption. Hence, no matter what the situation changes, from today, whether lockdown or reopen the city amidst the uncertainty conditions of the epidemic. It will not affect AIS customer care via Digital Platform, which is ready to upgrade to Everyday Lifestyle Application. And it will completely launch by the end of the second quarter of this year for sure."