AIS launches "GOMO", a 100% online SIM card, fit with lockdown ease. Allow Thais to live in the New Normal with fully online. Get the worth price at only 299 baht, with full speed at 50 GB plus unlimited internet connection.

26 May 2020: AIS is profoundly concerned and understands the lifestyles of customers and the public. Consequently, AIS is determined to develop solutions and create services designed to meet the new generation's lifestyles in the COVID-19 era to be convenient and safe, and with more peace of mind. Because of the need to self-quarantine at home earlier, resulting in Thai lifestyle changes, including daily life, work, study, eating, shopping, and many transactions that nearly 100% have moved to online.

  • Accordingly, in order to completely provide Thais' online life to fit with the lockdown ease in phase 2. AIS has launched a new concept of mobile phone service, "GOMO", a 100% online SIM card to give the best benefit of the era that comes with speed, easy to use, fully online, a large amount of internet, and also with the fairest rate, just one price at only 299 baht/month by providing full speed internet at 50 GB, and using unlimited internet at 512 Kbps, including unlimited AIS Super WiFi, free calls to all networks for 100 minutes, plus YouTube Premium ad-free and Work Anywhere Package. In addition, providing a coronavirus life insurance plan for free! (This promotion can be subscribed from now - 30 June 2020)
  • You can easily manage everything 100% online by yourself at any time, 24 hours a day, on the GOMO application. Starting from purchasing the SIM card on the website, selecting package, choosing a number, making a payment, and waiting for the SIM to deliver at home. Next, identify yourself and activate SIM immediately via the application. Moreover, there is a chat team to advise the service at all times and allow you to use it instantly and spontaneously with full efficiency, plus being confident on the best AIS network that includes 5G, 4G, AIS Super WiFi.
  • Responding to the insights and inner people of Generation C, who like freedom, convenience, simplicity, and addition to fit with the COVID-19 situation that people are looking for affordable internet packages, but providing a lot of internet data to fulfill life and make everything online easily from mobile phones.

Mr.Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer of AIS, said that mobile and the internet becomes an essential factor in the lifestyle of every group of people, especially with the new generation or Gen C people, who desire to find new experiences by themselves, familiar to using the internet to communicate, including searching for information, updating news, watching movies or dramas via video streaming, and also online shopping and doing online transactions from applications in daily use. These results in data usage are continuously increasing. Even though it was announced the lockdown ease in phase 2, several people and businesses have begun to work, but the overall situation is still not normal. Accordingly, the way of life nowadays is a combination of lifestyle before the outbreak and the after of COVID-19 epidemic unavoidably, such as when going back to work but still using online meetings or shifting days to Work From Home, or even beside to learn from home. All of this has become the New Normal for Thais, which holds the internet at the heart of every dimension of life.

Consequently, with an understanding of the needs of consumers who require a cost-effective, useful, simple, convenient, and safe from reducing physical touch as much as possible. AIS, under the brand GOMO, designs and develops products with unique concepts, focusing on 100% online services that are easy to use, there is no need to remember a lot, be valuable, and get a lot of internet data with the most affordable price in the market. Accordingly, whether for working, watching entertainment, using social media, or online shopping, GOMO is ready to go online at any time. It will complete the experience of customers for online usage." Mr. Pratthana said.

For new customers or port-in customers who want to use their current mobile number can easily purchase and activate GOMO SIM as follows:

  1. Go to the website, select the main package, which simply offer only one price at 299 baht.
  2. Choose the desired number (or port-in your number), then fill in the address for the SIM to delivery.
  3. Make a payment and bind a debit/credit card or via Rabbit LINE Pay Wallet, and wait to receive the SIM at home.
  4. After receiving the SIM card, download application GOMO Thailand and prepare your ID card to confirm your identity and activate SIM card. You can download application from the App Store and Play Store.

Special promotion for customers who subscribe and activate GOMO SIM from today - 30 June 2020, including:

  • The main package for only 299 baht (including VAT)
  • Get a large amount of internet at full speed of 50 GB with unlimited internet use at 512 Kbps.
  • Call 100 minutes for free / Send SMS 200 times for free / Unlimited AIS SUPER WiFi
  • Get the YouTube Premium package for free! Watch millions of YouTube content seamlessly, without advertisements.
  • Get the Work Anywhere package for free! Unlimited internet use for Office 365 and ZOOM.
  • Get a Coronavirus Life Insurance plan for free!, Which covers illness, or a severe sickness or disease that caused by coronavirus infection up to 100,000 baht, or if admitted to the hospital due to infects the coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19), will get total insurance payment for 10,000 baht. However, the coverage will start on the next day of the day when the customer begins the service at 12.01 am, and covers for a total of 45 days (including waiting period 14 days)

Customers can see purchasing details and package conditions at