AIS confirms no personal customer information leaked amid reports

25 May 2020 : Ms. Saichon Submakudom, Head of Public Relations department of AIS said that we are aware of overseas news reports of an incident regarding AIS customers’ data. We can confirm that a small amount of non-personal, non-critical information was exposed for a limited period in May during a scheduled test. All of the data related to Internet usage patterns and did not contain personal information that could be used to identify any customer or cause them financial or any other harm. We are pleased that the incident was quickly contained and no customer was adversely impacted, financially or otherwise. AIS cares deeply about protecting our customers’ personal information. We are continually reviewing our security procedures to ensure global best-practice. However, on this occasion we acknowledge that our procedures fell short, for which we sincerely apologise. As the first incident of this kind, AIS has thoroughly investigated the cause and has already taken steps to improve our procedures. We continually strive to maintain the highest standards in ensuring the safety of our customers and their personal data.