AIS joins YouTube to launch an exclusive deal for Thais, as the first network in Southeast Asia Giving YouTube Premium for free, watching entertainment from around the world! Without ads, fulfilling happiness for Thais to relieve stress during the quarantine

7 May 2020: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak that is causing everyone to hold social distancing, along with government measures that urge everyone to "Stay home to stop the spread of the virus for the sake of the nation", making Thais living at home and using more online. With a comprehensive understanding of the situation and the lifestyle of consumers. AIS, joins with YouTube, the world's leading video platform, to announce the exclusive collaboration, which is the first network in Southeast Asia through giving happiness and caring for Thais by free YouTube Premium packages for up to 6 months to AIS postpaid customers to watch YouTube seamlessly, without advertisements, and listen to free music from around the world with the YouTube Music application to fulfill the happiness during the quarantine at home.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, AIS's Chief Consumer Business Officer, said that among the behavior of Thais nowadays is social distancing in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Consumers' lifestyle has changed to be more online, whether working, learning, shopping for goods and services, financial transactions, including entertainment activities on multiple online platforms, are becoming increasingly popular, particularly access to entertainment content on the video platform as YouTube is increasing too. Although, It was found that, in March, AIS customers noticed a 50% increase in YouTube traffic during the quarantine period from February, Because YouTube is a tremendous video platform with a massive amount of content, knowledge, and entertainment from around the world, which meets the needs of Thais in every dimension.

AIS, as a Digital Life Service Provider, which is committed to developing digital infrastructure for the country. Besides, we furthermore consider it an essential duty to search for products, services, and packages that meet the needs of customers. In the past, we have continuously offered packages on the YouTube platform, such as launching packages and new SIMs that provide free access to YouTube for free, etc.

Accordingly, in the situation of COVID-19 that Thais need to quarantine at home to prevent the spread of the virus. AIS has officially announced the exclusive partnership with YouTube to give happiness and caring for Thais, who are AIS postpaid customers to watch YouTube seamlessly, without advertisements, and listen to free music from around the world with the YouTube Music application via YouTube Premium for free for up to 6 months. This is the first time in Southeast Asia that Digital Life Service Provider has partnered with a world-class video platform to deliver entertainment to Thais by providing to use it for free, and no added cost to support Thais to stay at home gracefully with accessible content that entertains Thais nationwide.

This privilege will provide to the existing AIS registered customers in the name of an individual with more than 7 million people. Customers can receive privilege by pressing * 656 * 1 #, then press the call button, and wait for the SMS to notify the application process. Moreover, for AIS postpaid customers using a monthly package of 699 baht or more can receive a special privilege to watch videos on YouTube without advertisements in mobile phones with a free YouTube Premium for 6 months. (Worth up to 1,254 baht, due to the YouTube Premium on the Android system is 159 baht, and the iOS system is 209 baht.) And for AIS AIS postpaid customers using a monthly package less than 699 baht can receive a free YouTube Premium privilege for 3 months.

Besides, AIS also offers a special promotion when registering to a new number, changing an existing number, and switching from prepaid to postpaid, will receive a free YouTube Premium for up to 6 months as well. Customers who subscribe for the NEXT G Max Speed ​​package 699 baht or more receive a free YouTube Premium for 6 months, including no charge for internet use on YouTube between 10 pm - 6 pm. Customers who subscribe for the NEXT G Max Speed ​​package 299 - 599 baht receive free YouTube Premium for 3 months. See more detail at

Ms. Mukpim Anantachai, Head of YouTube Partnerships, Thailand asserted about this collaboration that the COVID-19 outbreak had caused a global public health crisis. YouTube, as a worldwide online video platform provider, necessitates being involved in providing care and helping everyone to get through the crisis together, especially in the Thai market, which is recognized as a customer base and a highly loyal fan of YouTube.

YouTube is determined to provide care and happiness for Thais by collaborating with the No. 1 network service provider in the country like AIS to provide Thais with special privileges to watch YouTube Premium for free and being the first network in Southeast Asia.

YouTube Premium is another step of entertainment on the YouTube platform, which gives users the privilege to watch videos without advertisements and able to download videos for offline watching. Besides, customers can switch the screen smoothly to use different applications or listen to music even when locking the screen, including the ability to use the YouTube application Music to listen to music from around the world.

Currently, YouTube Premium has over 20 Million Subscribers. In the 4th quarter, the number of subscribers increased by 60% compared to last year.

Accordingly, partnering with AIS will pass on the care and support the measures for everyone to stay at home. Still, people can watch entertainment from all over the world for free, which will help fulfill the life of being happy without advertising and reduce the stress from the COVID-19 situation."