IBM Services & AIS Business Join Forces to Bring Best-in-Class Cloud Managed Services to Ensure Continued and Uninterrupted Operations of Thai Businesses' during COVID-19 Situation

12 May 2020: AIS Business and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a collaboration to bring best-in-class managed services for multicloud environment to help companies across industries in Thailand. The collaboration aims to help business continuity and smooth IT operations with efficiency despite large number of employees working from home in the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Under this partnership, AIS Business and IBM will provide clients with the open, flexible technologies and world-class managed services they need to manage multiple clouds.  

With most businesses today already running and trying to manage five or more cloud environments, often from multiple vendors, companies are struggling with large customized and complex platforms with potentially major security implications and inconsistent management as well as integration tools.

AIS and IBM together are bringing professional Cloud Managed Services for major public and hybrid cloud platforms, as well as on-premise environments, to help Thai companies secure their business value realization during COVID-19. This is crucial for IT operations to continue to serve customers and keep all applications running with fewer employees at site. Cloud Managed Services help ensure companies’ Business Continuity Plans run without interruption, with support from experienced team in running application operations and remote monitoring 24x7.

The partnership is also extended to the area of continuous integration and delivery of application as well as microservices and container monitoring to enhance the service offering on automation on Zero-Touch Operations concepts.

“While many Thai companies utilize cutting-edge technologies to facilitate their journey to cloud, it is crucial to eliminate any complexity and barriers, especially for managing their existing multicloud environment,” said Yongsit Rojsrikul, Chief Enterprise Business Officer of AIS. “AIS Business, as a leader in Cloud services comprehensive for organizations, and IBM are ready to provide clients across industries the consistent visibility, governance and automation wherever their applications reside – on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge”.

With AIS’s leadership in wired and wireless networks, digital service platforms and IBM’s world-class Cloud Managed Services technology and expertise, AIS Business’ clients can enjoy the increased operational efficiency driven by intelligent data analysis and built-in support for compliance management. The end-to-end Managed Cloud Services enabled by AI and automation will also enhance organizations with the flexibility to expand to other emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G in the near future.

IBM has built a leading Cloud Managed Services that includes a comprehensive range of as-a-service offerings, and software, hardware and services that enable IBM to advise, build, move and manage cloud solutions across public, private and on-premises environments and customers.

“Most organizations depend on their business and IT operations and the COVID-19 pandemic puts additional pressures on tackling business continuity challenges,” said Apichart Arunkunarax, Country Manager for Global Technology Services, IBM Thailand. “Together, IBM and AIS Business will bring the power of the Cloud Managed Services to ensure continued and uninterrupted operations of Thai businesses – from banking, insurance, manufacturing, automotive, agriculture, to next-generation retail.”

For more information on Cloud Managed Services and other services from AIS Business, please call the Corporate Call Center at 1149 or visit the website