AIS helps relieve burdens of Thais and foreigners Providing 100 minutes Free calls to all networks in combating with the COVID-19 together

30 April 2020: Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, AIS's Chief Consumer Business Officer, said, "In the current situation amid the epidemic of the COVID-19 virus, which affects the lifestyle of Thais, including foreigners living in Thailand. It demands an adjustment in a variety of living styles, whether working from home, learning from home, online shopping, and communication to help others. All of this needs a quality communication system to support the activities to be efficient."

"In the past, AIS, together with the NBTC to provide 10 GB of mobile internet and boost the speed of home broadband internet to 100 Mbps for 30 days for free! We believe that when connected with the AIS package, it will be able to help people extremely well. However, the COVID-19 epidemic control measures will continue with Thais for any period, therefore, to relieve the burden from the situation. AIS, therefore, provides the privilege to call 100 minutes of free calls to all networks for 45 days to Thais. Besides, Providing the privilege to foreigners who are working in Thailand or those who are still incapable of returning to their country, which can receive privileges from 1 - 15 May 2020.

  • For Thai AIS customers: Press * 170 *, followed by the 13 digit ID card number that used to register the SIM, press #, then press the call button.
  • For foreign AIS customers that holding a passport can send an SMS number with the passport code to the number 170

After finishing USSD or sending an SMS, a confirmation message will be sent to you and can use the free call for 45 days immediately. Prepaid customers will also receive an extra SIM validity for 45 days. (Customer can get 1 privilege per 1 mobile network, and this privilege does not include customers registered in the name of the corporate entity)