AIS Business joins Microsoft to enhance Thai business for the stable and faster connectivity with World-Class Cloud standard which is the first private data network service "Azure ExpressRoute" in Thailand.

11 March 2020: AIS Business announced a partnership with Microsoft Thailand, the world-class technology company and the cloud platform providers “Microsoft Azure.” Launched Azure ExpressRoute. It is the first dedicated network service for organizations to connect directly to Microsoft Azure systems and no need to go through the public internet network in Thailand. AIS Business has been trusted by Microsoft Thailand to be Azure ExpressRoute Connectivity Partner and also has been certified by Microsoft Thailand. Therefore, business customers can connect to the Microsoft Azure Services directly via private, corporate-specific connections and providing better stability with a performance at greater cost efficiency by domestic connection to Azure ExpressRoute site at AIS datacenter. Additionally, the customer does not need to invest in a new corporate network structure and along with its standard Microsoft and AIS that are the needs of the business sector in the cloud and AI perfectly.

With Azure ExpressRoute, AIS customers can establish private connections to the Microsoft Cloud, bypassing the public internet with domestic private leased line to domestic datacenter that linking up directly with Microsoft data centers in Singapore and Hong Kong with 99.9% SLA. This direct connection is significantly less vulnerable to latency issues caused by regular internet usage, allowing your applications and services to respond more quickly on a link with up to 100Gbps of bandwidth while also enhancing connection reliability and privacy without requiring extensive investment in infrastructure.

Mr. Yongsit Rojsrikul, Chief Enterprise Business Officer of AIS, said that “In this era, Cloud is an important technology that will help drive business organizations to create good opportunities and move forward to success. Because the cloud connections must be fast, stable and effective which is extremely important for corporate customers. Therefore, AIS has partnered with Microsoft Thailand to launch the first Azure ExpressRoute service in Thailand. To help the customers to access and use Microsoft's world-class Cloud platform more efficiently and more securely on the best networks in Thailand.

With the full support of more than 3,500 security experts worldwide from Microsoft along with a team in both the AIS and Microsoft, the customers can be assured of connection stability. Additionally, Azure ExpressRoute also fully supports the Hybrid Cloud enables organizations to develop an application and offers many services to its customers without the need to transfer data through the risk areas to connect via the public internet. The secondary redundant connection for this service also backups to connect via Azure ExpressRoute with high stability in all situations, so the services and information in the enterprise cloud are always available.

Ms. Chanikarn Pronanun, Deputy Managing Director – Marketing & Operations, Microsoft (Thailand) Limited, said, “Azure ExpressRoute is a service offering that represents the principles at the heart of Microsoft: empowering everyone to do more and achieve more through technology, and ensuring peace of mind through the highest standards in privacy and security. Through ExpressRoute, businesses have a better opportunity than ever to transform every dimension of their operations for the better, and we are very excited to see our customers take advantage of the direct connection’s advantages.”

For further more information about the Azure ExpressRoute service, please visit website or or please contact AIS Corporate Call Center 1149.