AIS CEO announcing Emergency Response program, using 5G to combat COVID-19. Expedite 100 million baht on instant 5G network, innovation and personnel to assist doctors, reduce health risk and increase efficiency. Maneuver company in full collaboration with every sector to help Thailand overcome virus crisis.

8 April 2020: Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, AIS Chief Executive Officer, announced the company’s Emergency Response Program for Thais by implementing 5G technology as its strategic weapon as well as the power of AIS people to safeguard Thais through COVID-19.

The 5G technology is a perfect digital infrastructure to support medical services and public health because of its high-speed internet, quick response, low latency, and a variety of IoT connectivity. AIS has tested 5G extensively in various industries including medicine. We are confident that it will play an important role in fighting COVID-19.

The three-part mission “AIS 5G Combating COVID-19 for Thais” estimated at 100 million baht will include the followings:

  1. Installing 5G network in 20 hospitals that provide physical examination and treatment for COVID-19 patients. Soon AIS will extend 5G network to cover 130 hospitals in Bangkok and eight more hospitals in major provinces, totaling 158 hospitals by end of April. AIS 5G network best suits technology and solutions requiring high-speed internet and fast response time, because every second counts. Other technologies such as AIS Fibre, 4G, AIS Super WiFi and smart devices are readily available to increase the quality of public-health administration.
  2. Catalyzing medical innovation to fight back Coronavirus by setting up AIS Robotic Lab and teaming up researchers and innovators specializing in robotics for 5G telemedicine. These elites will be working with local doctors to effectively serve the needs of each hospital. AIS is welcome robotic specialists from every sector for national collaboration.
  3. Developing Robots for Care, the latest version of medical robots designed for 5G telemedicine. Twenty-one robots from AIS Robotic Lab have been distributed to 20 hospitals that provide physical examination and treatment to COVID-19 patients. AIS Robots for Care are capable of assisting nurses in inspecting suspected human cases using Thermoscan, remote counseling between doctor and patient via video call where the patient and doctor can be in two separate rooms exercising social distancing. Such innovation can reduce both the risk of contracting virus and the traffic jam inside the hospital.

“COVID-19 pandemic calls for everyone’s contribution to help maneuver our country out of danger. I truly believe in Thai people. No matter who we are or what role we play, we share a common heart of great compassion ready to help each other and support our country to get through this crisis. AIS as a company takes pride to be in charge of digital infrastructure which is considered one of the most important platforms for everyone. Adults working from home, students learning at home, and most importantly, public health and public utilities, all rely on the digital infrastructure to carry on their works and communication.

I have been telling AIS staff repeatedly to remember that every breath we take, our duty is to keep mobile network operable and provide our services at its best always. In usual or unusual situations, our service must be consistent at high quality. Despite COVID-19, AIS remains the digital-life service provider for Thais as always. We will do our best to deliver service excellence to our customers, and utilize our competencies in technology and other fields to help the country get past this adversity,” Mr. Somchai said.

  1. Peace of mind to our customers

    When COVID-19 began to spread in Thailand, we brought out preparedness plan to ensure the continuity of AIS mobile, Fibre, and online service channels. Customers can enjoy convenience without leaving their houses including data plan, solutions, privileges, and entertainment contents to fulfill the variety of lifestyles. AIS Business Continuity Plan or BCP is designed to “empower every customer to enjoy service excellence constantly as usual.”

    Customer care is vital. We must think carefully and up to date. “At the beginning when Coronavirus broke out in Bangkok, AIS was the first to offer health insurance covering COVID-19 to customers. Presently, many AIS SIM packages available in the market also bundle with Coronavirus health insurance. Other beneficiaries include AIS employees, partners, and AIS Fibre outsources.

    As Thai people began to adapt by working from home, AIS instantly introduced internet packages and solutions to support lifestyles changes. Being Microsoft’s exclusive partner, AIS offered applications enabling work and business from home seamlessly. Student SIM cards featuring low-cost data were also introduced helping high-school and university students to study at home free from worries.

    AIS customers are entitled to receive privilege to enjoy a variety of entertainment from AIS Play and AIS Playbox at no charge! Plus, discounts on food selections and delivery from Foodpanda and Line Man are also available.

    During social distancing, AIS customers can continue to enjoy service convenience from my AIS application, AIS Online Store and AIS Contact Center available 24 hours. For visitation at AIS shop, clear acrylic panels have been installed temporarily at counter service to reinforce customer’s hygiene while engaging with AIS customer service agents.

  2. Peace of mind to our employees

    Top of the list in caring for employees is to provide workplace safety and hygiene in compliance with the Ministry of Public Health. AIS promotes social distancing seriously especially in common areas. Our Business Continuity Plan has been practiced and reinforced to ensure that every staff level has common knowledge in crisis management and is capable of maintaining excellent performance regardless of crisis severity. AIS services must continue. No excuse for interruption. And all technologies must be applicable effectively.

    Through applied technology, AIS manages to operate our business as usual amidst COVID-19 crisis. We comply with Thai government in working from home. More than 90% of AIS staff are working from home at their own convenience using Microsoft Office 365, which enables a few to master new skills and new ideas which otherwise would not exist in regular work days. For lifeline operation, AIS maintains its 24-hour service to the fullest including AIS Contact Center and engineering overlooking mobile networks.

    Morale and support are equally important in any crisis. The company gives high value to constant communication with employees. We thank everyone, every level and every department for their commitment to hard work. At AIS, we are determined to delivering service excellence to AIS customers and Thai people in every circumstance.

  3. Peace of mind to all Thais under mission “AIS 5G to Combat COVID-19”

    Contributing to Thai society is our ultimate mission. No guidebooks have ever been written to combat the crisis at this magnitude. Hence, collaboration in problem-solving is the most important.

    AIS is dedicated to fully supporting Thai people, from mobile network, innovation, to personnel. We aim to utilizing 5G to support public-health system as well as medical administration. Owing the virus battle to doctors, nurses, and hospital workers who risk their lives to save us, AIS intends to help reduce risks so that doctors and nurses can do their works more safely.

    In our roadmap, AIS plans to install 5G network in 20 hospitals that provide physical examination and treatment for COVID-19 patients, and presents 5G telemedicine robots for a total of 21 units to those hospitals. In process of delivery are Chulalongkorn; Rajavithi; Siriraj; Ramathibodi; Vichaiyut; Siriraj Piyamaharaj-karun; Pat Rangsit; Phayathai 1, 2 and 3; Phayathai Nawamin; Bangkok Christian; Rama 9; Paolo Memorial Phaholyothin (Sapankwai), Chokchai 4, Samut Prakarn, Rangsit, and Kaset; etc.

AIS is preparing to extend its 5G totaling 158 hospitals including 130 in Bangkok and 8 in major provinces by the end of April. In addition, AIS introduces AIS Robotic Lab by AIS Next, a co-working space for researchers and 5G developers to jointly develop robots and solutions for 5G telemedicine and telehealth. By substituting human with robot, health risk will be lowered, medical services can be better provided, and more patients can be treated. AIS first batch is Robots for Care featuring 21 telemedicine robots to be delivered to 20 hospitals as mentioned above.

Additional supports from AIS employees included a spirit of volunteering by making washable facial masks and sourcing medical supplies to donate to doctors and nurses who are our “white knights.” The company also provides online channels for the public to send words of encouragement to each other, to stay at home healthily both physically and mentally as we go through the crisis together.

“AIS is committed to standing alongside Thailand’s finest special operation forces and supporting every sector. We will serve our country, Thai people, and restore normalcy as soon as possible. Today, despite diverse backgrounds, everyone is working diligently and harmoniously to combat the killing virus. Through adversity, we can see Thai hospitality shining even more brightly. I am confident that together we will overcome COVID-19 for sure,” Mr. Somchai concluded.