WDS, a subsidiary of AIS, expands into gaming and eSports business, joins Singtel and SK Telecom Announcing a joint venture to establish a company that operates games and eSports Signing a contract via International Video Call between Thailand - Singapore - South-Korea

Wireless Device Supply Company Limited or WDS, a subsidiary of AIS, led by Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Weng Cheong Hui, President and Chief Operating Officer, and Mr. Alistair Johnston, Managing Director - New Business, continue to expand the gaming and eSports business to the regional level with Singtel by Mrs. Chua Sock Koong, Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Arthur Lang, Chief Executive Officer, International, and Ms. Jeann Low, Group Chief Corporate Officer and SK Telecom by Mr. Jung Ho Park, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Peter Ha, Chief Strategy Officer, and Mr. Charles Huh, Vice President and Head of Private Placement Group, announced a joint venture to establish a regional gaming and eSports company in order to reinforce the leadership in the gaming and eSports industry, which supports gamers throughout the Asia Pacific region to be able to access various gaming and content of their favorite games, including to create an excitement for the gaming and eSports market, and also provide the best experience to all gamers in this region.