AIS launches the 5G strategic plan "The most spectrum, to create more benefits for Thais" Directs on expanding 5G usage to the industrial sector and EEC area, increasing the country's potential

19 February 2020: AIS announced the strategic plan of 5G after winning the auction to hold the most amount of 5G in all 3 frequency ranges: 700 MHz, 2600 MHz, and 26 GHz. Strengthening the real no. 1 digital network leader that ready to bring 5G to transform national development into the next level, including building a Big Move, which is a big step in changing and transforming all sectors, both the consumer and industrial sectors with the best innovation and intelligence 5G technology in order to enhance the strength of Thailand's digital infrastructure.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Office of AIS, revealed that "AIS intends to invest in the full spectrum of 5G block in all frequency ranges, which has been studied and analyzed strategically for AIS to hold the most spectrum on the 5G services as the best in the country in order to create the most excellent benefit for the Thais. AIS has a total low frequency, medium frequency, and high frequency bands, which covers all forms of use, including 700 MHz range of 30 MHz (2x15 MHz), 2600 MHz range of 100 MHz and 26 GHz range of 1200 MHz. If Counting only the AIS 5G frequency ranges, there are all at 1330 MHz, furthermore when combined with the most amount of AIS 4G ranges, resulting in AIS as being the no. 1 leader in the industry with the highest number of 4G and 5G spectrum, totaling 1450 MHz, to be confident to support the most maximum users on the service, and the most signal coverage."

The plan is to intend to use the 5G spectrum as efficiently as possible for Thais by aiming to expand 5G usage widely in all sectors, not only the consumer group but extending into the industry by having enough amount of 5G spectrum as AIS intends to auction, especially in the area of ​​2600 MHz and 26 MHz, which is an important goal to support the transformation of business and industry, with the belief that 5G will be the core of the Growth Revolution in concrete.

The first phase is intended to expand 5G into the EEC area as in the past, which AIS already tested 5G with leading organizations in the EEC area such as U-Tapao Airport, Laem Chabang Port, Amata Nakorn, etc. Today, AIS, as a leader in 5G network technology, we have great potential and availability in the area of ​​the network, high-speed internet, and including expert personnel to support the development of advanced digital solutions to increase the competitiveness of every company.

In the consumer sector, we have announced a partnership with all the world's leading smartphone manufacturers to provide the best 5G network experience on the best 5G smartphones to support Thais to experience the online connection lifestyle with faster, stronger, stable and more better than anyone by preparing to continuously provide services in the future, which, of course, on the day that 5G is already commercialized will enhance the quality of the performance of the 4G network that beneficial to current 4G users as well.

And today, AIS has started to launch 5G spectrum for the first time to test the 5G frequency range of 2600 MHz on the real network at the actual location at Siam Paragon, Central World, Victory Monument, and will continuing test in different regions throughout the country to ensure that customers will receive the best 5G service before actual service. Moreover, AIS prepares a 5G Trial Zone for customers and Thais to experience the 5G network and devices at AIS SHOP in Siam Paragon and Central World as well." Mr. Pratthana said.

Besides, Mr.Wasit Wattanasap, Head of Nationwide Operation and Support Department of AIS, also revealed the information about the additional network technical that "The AIS 5G network is the strongest 5G network in the country, which is the only operator that has the amount of spectrum in each band according to the highest standards of 5G technology. This means that we have the widest bandwidth in all 3 spectrums, which is the best and most suitable frequency range for providing 5G services at the highest efficiency following global standards of 5G technology and beyond.

That is to say, according to the 5G technology standard by 3GPP1 which states that, the 700 MHz frequency range will be practiced at full capacity toward the full 30 MHz (2x15 MHz). This is the reason why in this time, AIS requires auction an additional 700 MHz frequency ranges by 10 MHz (2x5 MHz) from the existing 20 MHz (2x10 MHz), totaling 30 MHz (2x15 MHz) while the 2600 MHz frequency range needs 100 MHz to use at full performance as well. We, therefore, intend to auction the spectrum at 100 MHz, although the 26 GHz frequency range needs 400 MHz per 1 block in order to be able to provide 5G service efficiently. However, even though 26 GHz is a high frequency range, the signal cannot be transmitted over long distances, and poorly entering buildings or obstacles. AIS aims to auction this spectrum in the amount of up to 1200 MHz because we plan to support the development of digital solutions for the industry genuinely." Mr. Wasit said. 

"AIS is ready to develop the best 5G network nationwide for all Thais, which is clear that the testing of 5G spectrum with partners in all parts of the country over the past period is an affirmation to the commitment for bringing 5G technology to experiment and learn to develop solutions that are relevant and suitable for the use of Thais in every region of the country. We have prepared the potential of the network from 4G to hold the capability to support 5G Network equipment. Accordingly, once we receive the spectrum, we can immediately develop a 5G network on our existing devices, including other parts to invest more, which will be a significant step for all of us to participate in the transformation of the industry and enhance the potential of the country to compete in the world stage. We, therefore, ask Thais and all sectors to believe that all will receive the best 5G service from AIS and plan to launch the service soon." Mr. Pratthana concluded. 

1 3GPP (The 3rd Generation Partnership Project) is an organization under a cooperation agreement for the development of technical standards and multiple reports that are related to the mobile phone network that is used worldwide.