AIS posted a 4.6% strong net profit growth in 2019, enjoying net profit of 31,051 million baht to pay dividend of 3.56 baht per share. AIS Fibre outran industry with 42% subscriber growth exceeding 1 million subs.

6 February 2020: AIS reported its 2019 total revenue at 183,432 million baht, a 8% growth from last year with a net profit of 31,051 million baht, a 4.6% growth from last year. The leading telecom operator success no.1 in Thailand’s mobile network with an estimated 48% revenue market share and 45% subscription share equal to 42 million subscribers with an acquisition of over 844,600 new subscribers. Fixed broadband AIS Fibre also performed superbly, exceeding industrial projection by surpassing over one million subscribers with a 42% growth and 29% total revenue growth. AIS said it will maintain its dividend policy of higher than 70% of net profit, paying 3.56 baht per share on 22 April 2020.

Mr.Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited or AIS, said, “Last year marked our beginning of the 30th year in the business. Despite numerous changes, AIS is steadfast in building capabilities in digital infrastructure and technology as well as keeping pace with innovations. We continue increase Thailand’s competitiveness for all industries and business sectors and continue to improve the living quality of Thai people. In overview, AIS 2019 total revenue amounted to 183,432 million baht – grew 8.0% from the previous year. AIS mobile business grew 4.2% compared to last year, echoing AIS as no.1 in market share including revenue- and subscription share. Over 844,600 new customers signed up to AIS mobile service, increasing the total users to 42 million mobile numbers. The number of prepaid customers switching to postpaid continues to grow constantly with postpaid customers growing from 20% to 22% from end of 2018 to 2019. 4G customers continued to grow from 59% in 2018 to 71% last year. Customers consumed data averaging 12.7 gigabytes per month – a 17% growth compared to last year.

AIS has been constantly improving 4G network, now having more than 158,000 base stations across the country. Ookla® Speedtest® ranked AIS as the fastest mobile network and home broadband in Thailand. With an additional allocation of 700MHz bandwidth, AIS 4G network has become even stronger, ready for network expansion in the future and strengthening AIS leadership for having the most bandwidth in telecom industry.

AIS Fibre performed extremely well, gaining more than 307,100 new customers, increased 42%, reaching more than one million subscribers. The fixed broadband business enjoyed 29% growth with 5,722 million baht in revenue. Thanks to the marketing strategy on fixed-mobile convergence, the company saw increased quality customers taking advantage of mobile and home internet package coupled with variety of contents accessible on TV through AIS PLAYBOX and on mobile through AIS PLAY application. The revenue from Enterprise business are in line with the guidance mainly from corporate sales in telecom and ICT services. New strategic approach on one-stop, full-scaled ICT service has been finalized and will be implemented soon.

With growing revenue and constant capital management, AIS profit before tax, interest and EBITDA rose 6.3% to 78,463 million baht, generating a net profit of 31,051 million baht equal to a 4.6% growth compared to last year. The company plans to pay dividend from the second half of 2019 performance at 3.56 baht per share – approximately 70% of the company’s net profit which will due on 22 April 2020.

In 2020, AIS has readied its foundation for future growth and its excellence in customer service has been uplifted through campaign “Aunjai…Get more” including:

  1. Ready network strength with increased capability for future network expansion
  2. Heighten product and service quality to be even more superior for customers
  3. Create excellent customer experiences in every generation and every region
  4. Practice sustainable development in every business under good governance concept “what if everyone is a part of network” demonstrated by Aunjai Cyber Wellness program and electronic-waste disposal campaign.

“Last year, AIS established an insurance broker company as an online channel for insurance transaction. We also promoted payment gateway Rabbit LINE PAY and expanded mobile business into eSports market to support the stunning growth of online game as well as enhance digital competency among Thai eSports players. Such movements indicate our eagerness to transform and prosper in new businesses. The year 2020 will be AIS 30TH anniversary. We will definitely utilize our accumulated experience, expertise, and professionalism to make this year another success, and our acquisition and innovation in advanced network technology will surely increase even more public confidence in our ecosystem,” Mr.Somchai concluded.

Remark: All financial figures in this release do not include the effect from TFRS 15 adoption*