AIS Fibre reinforces the leader in broadband technology by presenting the first and only SuperMESH WiFi innovation in Thailand Deliver real speed up to 1 Gbps on WiFi with a powerful signal covering the whole house since the first day of installation

9 January 2020: AIS Fibre continues to provide quality of home broadband internet experience No.1 for Thais with reinforcing the real innovation leader that is determined to innovate, develop different technology, and lead the trend before everyone else by bringing the best innovation "SuperMESH WiFi" to enhance the efficiency of home internet to be more powerful under the concept of "Forward, Better, Simple", including the new standard routers and new service packages with the most beneficial value on the best networks to transform the home broadband internet standard to the next level. AIS Fibre is the first and only one provider that emphasizes on quality to ensure customers that the 1 Gbps package can really use at 1 Gbps! and customers will get the entire home with high speed since the first day of installation, able to support new consumer lifestyles and technological progress in 2020.

  • Fulfill customers life with "Better" speed with the AIS SuperMESH WiFi Router, the new standard of Thai routers with the capability of the innovation team of AIS Fibre in Designed and Customized the new Mesh WiFi technology to produce the best and most advanced router technology for Thais by helping to increase the speed of delivering at full speed, covering all rooms in the house, answering to customers who are large families and support the usage behavior of consumers in the digital era that demands high-speed internet anywhere and anytime, with the most beneficial value package, speed 1000/200 Mbps for only 999 baht per month and Get Free! 2 AIS Fibre SuperMESH WiFi Routers (with a value of 7,980 baht)
  • Outstanding with 4 best and most advanced features and no one has done before, which is considered to be "The Best and Most Advanced ISP Router" or the router of the best and most advanced internet service provider in the market today.
  1. Internet signal distribution with fast and powerful at full speed 1 Gbps, reliable on WiFi.
  2. Connect to a Mesh WiFi to distribute the signal faster, and cover equally in every corner of the house.
  3. Connect up to 8 AIS SuperMESH WiFi Router devices, and support a large number of smart devices and IoT devices, which can transform customers home into a Smart Home that able to control everything with fingertips.
  4. This is the only "Green Energy Router" in Thailand that assists in saving energy and reducing electricity usage by more than 30%, compared to the same router of other service providers.

Mr. Saran Phaloprakarn, Head of Fixed Broadband Department, AIS said “According to a study of people's internet usage habits today, it has been found that most consumers require the speed of the internet consistently also cover all areas of the house. Most of them live in a two-story house, but with a WiFi Router Only 1 router, including may not be able to place the router in the center of the house and appearing in the spread of WiFi signals that not covered the whole house. In the past, AIS Fibre has been committed to the development of technology and solutions to meet the needs of customers in all dimensions continuously; we are the first and only service provider in Thailand that has developed the SuperMESH WiFi innovation that can connect to a mesh WiFi signal covering all corners of the house without LAN wiring, empowering customers to use the internet at full efficiency from the first day of installation, which has collaborated with world-class partners to study, test, and develop in-depth Mesh WiFi technology continuously to be a new alternative for customers, until being more widely used of Mesh WiFi to enhance the home broadband internet experience to be the best for Thais.

“To support the changes in technology that will occur in the year 2020 and the future such as the growth of video streaming in 4K resolution, 5G technology and new applications, Virtual Reality (VR) technology that demands gigabit high-speed internet. Today, AIS Fibre is ready to take the SuperMESH WiFi innovation and standard router to the next level, this time, we have chosen to use the MESH WiFi Router from Huawei, the world-class network equipment manufacturer, together with the best technology developed by AIS Fibre and is the only one in Thailand and give us the best and most advanced technology router in the market that meet the needs of customers who require to use high-speed WiFi throughout the house by providing the efficiency of "Forward" signal distributed at full speed of 1 Gbps on WiFi is the first in the market that can be achieved and ready to connect as a Mesh WiFi to deliver the signal faster, equally throughout the house without LAN wiring and can connect up to 8 devices, there is no problem with blind spots, including "Speed ​​Toggle" for customers to adjust the download/upload speed by themselves, also ready to deliver services at "Better" and "Simple" by sending AIS Fibre GURU, a team of expert technicians to facilitate installation to customers at home; therefore customers can be confident that the WiFi signal is excellent throughout the house since the first day of installation.

New and current customers can apply for the AIS FIbre SuperMESH WiFi package from 11 January 2020, with the most beneficial value package, 1000/200 Mbps speed at only 999 baht per month, and Get Free! AIS FIbre SuperMESH WiFi Router for 2 units, with a value of 7,980 baht. Also, customers can select to add an AIS PLAYBOX additional service for just 100 baht per month, which comes with world-class content from famous channels, with the PLAY FAMILY package for 12 months, HOOQ for 6 months, and NETFLIX for 3 months for free! Total content value of 3,192 baht. However, if the customer wants to add a router to the house, customers can notify the technician immediately on the installation date, and receive a special 50% discount to just 1,990 baht per point (from the regular price at 3,990 baht).

 "All of this reinforces the concept of 'Forward, Better, Simple' in moving forward to provide the No. 1 home broadband internet experience that is superior to AIS Fibre's customers, and also being an extension of the success of the new Thai internet standard that guaranteed by the number of the fastest-growing broadband customers in the market, which currently has a total of over 1 million customers.

From now on, AIS Fibre will continue to focus on service quality and expanding service areas to cover 77 provinces by 2020 as the goal of "The Most Admired Internet Service Provider in Thailand", which we are confident that AIS Fibre will become the Top of Mind Brand of customers nationwide as we have set a goal for sure." Saran concluded