AIS is ready to take Thais stepping into the 5G era, reinforces the AIS real 5G No. 1 leader that tested nationwide Join Samyan Mitrtown, bring the best of 5G innovation from all regions of Thailand For Thais to experience from today - 3rd January 2020

13rd December 2019: AIS reinforces the leader of 5G innovation, the only one in Thailand that tested 5G in nationwide, announces the readiness to take Thais stepping into the 5G era, joins Samyan Mitrtown, the shopping mall of innovation to organize the most advanced 5G innovation that created by the cooperation of all partners in “AIS 5G The Real No.1 Tested Nationwide Bring Future Today” at Samyan Mitrtown to allow businesses, industry, people, and those involved in the 5G Ecosystem to experience and try to use 5G in the real environment at the heart of Bangkok, and to let Thais recognize the benefits of 5G technology in many dimensions and bring it into the actual application on the day that 5G arrives. All of This will help improve the quality of life, environment, and industrial sectors of the country, and to strengthen the commitment to develop AIS 5G technology to enhance the country to Thailand 4.0 The showcase started on 13rd December 2019 - 3rd January 2020 at Samyan Mitrtown, Semi outdoor, G Floor, which opens to the public for free! And there is a team of network technology experts who will demonstrate and provide advice throughout the event.

Mr. Wasit Wattanasap, Head of Nationwide Operations and Support Department, AIS said “5G is the technology that will transform Thai society and enhance the capabilities of the industrial sector to the next level including drive the country to become Thailand 4.0 efficiently as well as facilitate the communication of users in general by 3 features which are: increasing of speed, capability of connecting into IoT devices, also fast and stable responsive network.

AIS, as a Digital Life Service Provider, is ready to provide a full range of basic technology knowledge, from the structure of the 5G technology, the network equipment, the receiver-transmitter device, the devices, the 5G SIM Card for connecting to test in various use cases on the 5G network, along with workshops to develop technical knowledge and expertise for workers in multiple sectors, including strengthening with leading universities in all regions and leading technology partners by conducting the experiment of 5G that has tested in all regions in Thailand since November 2019, whether in the central, eastern, southern, northeastern and northern regions, to emphasize being the first and only 5G innovation leader in Thailand that has tested all 5 regions toward nationwide.

Today, we are delighted to continue working with Samyan Mitrtown, the innovative shopping center for synergy with AIS, to meet the lifestyle of the new generation, and to support Thais to experience 5G technology at the heart of Bangkok with the “AIS 5G The Real No.1 Tested Nationwide Bring Future Today”, with the belief that 5G will be extremely useful for the life of modern consumers; therefore, AIS brings digital knowledge experience and combines the best 5G innovations that have been shown in different regions of Thailand, including new technology that has never been shown anywhere before, so that Thais can try it out by themselves, furthermore creating opportunities to access technology and recognize the potential benefits of 5G as substantial in the future, as well as pushing Samyan Mitrtown to be a mix of innovations that will create a community of brand-new innovations and fulfill the lifestyles of the new generation, also meet the lifestyle of the digital age to its full potential.”

The 5G innovation in “AIS 5G The Real No.1 Tested Nationwide Bring Future Today” consists of the following:

  1. 5G Hologram 3D
  2. The first time in Thailand with the introduction of 3D Hologram technology, remote communication of the future, which can broadcast 360-degree in 3D models, with virtual reality and real-time for the public to experience, which will be useful in applied toward business meetings, distance education, medicine, agriculture, and fashion-entertainment jobs, as well as applying to develop games, 3D animation, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality), where users may be located in different areas to share ideas, and collaborate work in fast and efficiently visualized, helping to create clear and higher effective communication.

  3. 5G VDO Call
  4. The trial of the use of 5G VDO Call across regions in all 5 regions of Thailand via the 5G network with a smartphone that supports 5G, which is a unique feature of 5G technology with low latency, responding in real-time, sharp, and uninterrupted reply, with high-definition images in Full HD - 4K, and clear sound with Ultra HD voice.

  5. 5G Remote Control Vehicle
  6. The demonstration of remote driverless vehicle technology via 5G network in the front area of Samyan Mitrtown under the cooperation between Digital Research and Innovation Institute, Prince of Songkla University and AIS, which will show the potential of the 5G network with high speed, low latency, and fast response, accordingly the driver does not need to be in the car but can control the vehicle to move to various areas as required, and can be applied to the transportation of goods in the industrial sector and traffic in the future.

  7. 5G Connected Drones
  8. The demonstration of remote control drones between Bangkok and the Korat city, Nakhon Ratchasima province, in an area that has licensed via 5G network on a Live Network, which will show the idea of using drones in the 5G era with high speed, and low latency and the controller does not need to be in the same place as the drone, but can control the drone with long-distance via mobile network, moreover can streaming high definition video back to the user immediately, which can be applied to a wide range of applications, including transportation and logistics, agriculture, public safety, rescue, as well as the use of drones to control smart cities to explore different areas.

  9. 5G The Robotics

    Exhibiting the concept of robots through 5G technology with high speed and low latency, which consists of 2 use cases:

    1. 5G The Robotic, the future of store: Representing the concept of a future supermarket that operates by robots via 5G technology, which supports robots to be processed in real-time and with high accuracy, therefore, the robots will be able to pick products precisely according to the order that the customer wants to buy.
    2. 5G Smart Little Robot Companion, the intelligent robot that works via 5G, which be able to talk and answer questions to users via 5G technology, assisting to remember the command of smart connected devices and the response of the robot is fast and more accuratBannee and Bookky are Librarian-Bots that were developed to work at the Khon Kaen University Library; moreover, they can communicate with each other and people.

AIS invites Thais, students, as well as those interested in experimenting and experiencing 5G innovation at Samyan Mitrtown at Semi outdoor, G floor, the showcase will be held from 13rd December 2019 - 3rd January 2020 at 10 am - 10 pm (for 24th - 31st December 2019 at 10 am - 12 pm), free and without any charges.