AIS Fibre reports 2019 Third-Quarter results, growing stronger than the market

AIS Fibre reports 2019 Third-Quarter results, growing stronger than the market
Becomes the leader of the fixed-broadband internet with the most growth in the industry
New customers increased by 54%, revenue grew by 32%, ensuring full-year performance growth achieves

14 November 2019: AIS Fibre, a provider of high-speed broadband internet, on pure Fibre optic 100% network, which began service since April 2015 and continuously committed to improving the quality of fixed-broadband internet for Thais. Until now, AIS Fibre is the leading in fixed-broadband internet that grows stronger than the market with the highest rate of revenue growth and new customers in the industry.

Lately, AIS Fibre reports the results of 2019 Third-Quarter with a growth of revenue by 32%, and a growth rate of new customers increased by 54% or an addition of 81,600 customers which is the highest in the last 11 quarters, resulting in a market share of the market that continuously increases every quarter and following in the revenue of the AIS Fibre fixed-broadband internet in the first 9 months of 2019 grows 29% higher than the market growth. Currently, AIS Fibre has a total of 937,000 customers, which is considered as a fast and superior to market growth in all dimensions, including moving forward with the role of Game Changer to upgrade technology, services, and corporate culture under the concept of "Forward, Better, Simple" to provide quality experience of the No. 1 for customers and Thais, as well as continue to run aggressively in the last quarter of the year and ensure that the full-year performance to meet the target.

Mr. Saran Phaloprakarn, Head of Fixed Broadband, AIS said: "Overall in 2019, we must agree that the fixed-broadband internet is very active and competitive in price, technology and combine with the lifestyle of people in this era that enthusiastic and familiar with internet connection both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, AIS Fibre is dedicated to analyzing for understanding the situation of market changes, in terms of consumers' behavior, trends, cutting-edge technology to develop and create new innovative features that are different to generate value and benefit for using the fixed-broadband internet for customers continuously under the strategy of "Forward, Better, Simple"

"Besides, we also focus on penetrating the Cross Sale market to the post-paid AIS mobile base, which is a large customer base that uses high-speed internet all the time both outdoors and indoors to come to use the full range of home internet services, and provide customers to receive the best offer and the best benefit as well as developing a package that meets all customer needs. "

"With the 9-month performance in 2019, we are confident that we will be able to create the final result in the year 2019 as our goal, which is a definite confirmation of our work. We are ready to aim to be "The Most Admired Internet Service Provider in Thailand" or fixed-broadband internet provider that customers trust, choose, and like as No. 1 in Thailand for sure." Mr. Saran concluded.