AIS eSports and Facebook Gaming Announce Partnership to make Watching and Playing Games More Accessible in Thailand, bringing the Thai gaming industry to the international level

Watch video live streaming and play games with unlimited use, no data charges!

18 October 2019: AIS eSports is joining forces with Facebook Gaming to help make it easier and more accessible for people in Thailand to watch and play games on Facebook. Through the partnership, AIS eSports and Facebook Gaming are working together to provide a brand new experience on the Facebook Gaming platform. For the duration of the promotion:

  • AIS customers who sign up and use the AIS One-2-Call! ZEED SIM will receive the special rights to watch video live streaming and play games on Facebook Gaming with unlimited use and no data charges from AIS for such use.
  • AIS customers will receive the same special rights to play games and watch gaming content on Facebook Gaming when signing up for an eSports add-on package with AIS, prices starting at only 29 baht soon.

"AIS, as a Digital Life Service Provider, is determined to support and enhance Thai eSports industry to the next level under continuous collaboration with world-class partners. Recently, AIS is delighted to work closely with Facebook Gaming to open space for a new generation that uses social media to experience the world of gamers through the most powerful platform of this era,”

Facebook Gaming is seeing growth for gaming video viewership across global regions, and Thailand is among one of the most popular countries for watching gaming video on Facebook. With 55 million people in Thailand accessing the platform each month to connect with the community they share passion with, Facebook Gaming has built a growing base of popular Thai gaming creators, such as Basgamer, PJY Gamer, Dearlong (เดียร์ลอง), BoxSkin Channel, BLACK Gamer ไทบ้านเล่นเกม, etc;

“AIS is confident that under the cooperation of bringing the resources of both organizations together will provide the best experience for gamers of all levels, as well as to create a phenomenon and encourage The Thai gamer industry will leap to the next level" Mrs.Benjaporn Kamphet, Head of Special Segment & Prepaid Unit of AIS said.

“It is an honour for Facebook Gaming to collaborate with AIS and continue our work in building meaningful and engaged gaming communities in Thailand,” said Stephen Chun, Facebook's Director of APAC Games Partnerships. “We are seeing a fast growing and vibrant circle of Thai gamers on our platform. The partnership with AIS is bringing a real value to the community as it enables a better and seamless social gaming experience on Facebook. We believe that Thai gaming creators, fans and general game enthusiasts will be excited with this new experience."