The home broadband internet industry is shaking up! AIS Fibre reinforces leadership in home broadband internet innovation that no one can overtake Create a new standard with Super Mesh Wi-Fi technology with 1 Gbps high-speed internet! Launching the rights of live broadcast the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 on mobile, pay IPTV and internet as the only one in Thailand!

3 September 2019: AIS Fibre reinforces the concept of "Faster, Better, Simple" as the leader of high-speed broadband internet on the pure fibre optic 100% network that understands the Thai digital lifestyle the most, reawakens the market of fixed broadband in Thailand, emphasizes on the service from the concept of "better" that is completely provided for customers

  • Delivering a new and exciting package "SUPER MESH Wi-Fi", giving 1 Gbps home fibre internet for the first and only in Thailand that comes with Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 1 (Mesh Wi-Fi), for 2 units, providing an exactly high-speed fibre internet experience by covering every corner of the home with the best value in price market — starting at only 999 baht per month or a great value package of just 1,099 baht per month. Additionally, Getting an AIS PLAYBOX box to watch world-class content on popular channels and NETFLIX for customers to live with speedily unlimited.
  • Serving with the unique features that AIS Fibre can only do in Thailand! With the innovation of "Speed Toggle" for AIS Fibre, home broadband internet customers can switch the speed of download and upload by yourself in real-time, on-demand, and available for 24 hours.
  • Latest! AIS won the rights to live broadcast 4 Olympic Games as the official Broadcaster on mobile, Pay IPTV and the only internet in Thailand by bringing impressive images of Thai and global athletes to people's eyes to inspire Thais from world-class sporting events, and offering with world-class exclusive entertainment content and excellent movies from NETFLIX on the 4K high-definition via AIS PLAYBOX, AIS PLAY application, and website

Saran Phaloprakarn, Head of Fixed Broadband, AIS said "Over the past 4 years, AIS Fibre has aimed to develop different technologies and services and bring trends to the home broadband internet industry and consistently comply with customer internet usage practices, both in terms of packages services and innovations such as creating a new market from the first and only 100% pure fibre optic technology in Thailand, including Speed Boost, Speed Toggle, Dual Bandwidth, emphasizing the intention to always deliver the best quality home broadband internet experience under the concept of "Faster, Better, Simple".

According to the current household internet usage behavior, most consumers are using the internet via Wi-Fi and require the speed of the internet consistently, covering all areas of the home, most of which live in two-story houses, but there is only 1 Wi-Fi Router which makes the coverage not all included. AIS Fibre is the first and only in Thailand that brings “better” service to develop a standard router that can connect to Wi-Fi signal to all areas of the home, without having to wire and network problems, allows customers to use the home broadband internet with full efficiency, gives the excellent Wi-Fi signal from the first day of use.

New customers can add a router point to their home, by notifying to the installation technician immediately on the installation date or by calling 1175 to make an appointment for installation later at 1,490 baht per point, and current customers can request to add this router installation point at the same price, which this price includes free installation service and upgrades the old router to the same router for free to connect with the Mesh Wi-Fi Network (or using 200 AIS Points to redeem the router for free from 1 October 2019 onwards), which be able to notify the technician immediately on the installation date, So it will give the excellent Wi-Fi signal from the first day of use or call 1175 to make an appointment for installation later.

Additionally, we found that consumers in family members are using more than one device (Multiple Device) to work or watch content that requires high definition 4K via various devices such as Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smart Home, or other services that require high-speed internet up to 1 Gbps and to enable customers to have a high-speed in level of Gigabit internet that "better" for experience, which is consistent with the primary concept of "Faster, Better, Simple" AIS Fibre releases the newest SUPER MESH Wi-Fi 1 Gbps package that comes beside the global partnership with NOKIA Strategic, a world-class collaborative partner in continuously to CO-Creation by bringing the best innovation and meet the needs of customers to deliver again with "NOKIA Wi-Fi Beacon 1 (Mesh Wi-Fi)", a premium device and high-performance Wi-Fi distribution ,with the design that winning the first prize in equipment design from the Red Dot Design Award 2019.

SUPER MESH Wi-Fi package is available in 2 types, consisting of:

  • 1Gbps / 100 Mbps speed package, monthly fee 999 baht, including Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 1 (Mesh Wi-Fi) for 2 pieces; price 7,180 baht, and free! 24-month usage of the contract.
  • 1Gbps / 100 Mbps speed package, monthly fee 1,099 baht with Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 1 (Mesh Wi-Fi) for 2 pieces; price 7,180 baht, free! 24-month usage of the contract and watch world-class entertainment content from popular channels via AIS PLAYBOX with the free MOVIES FULL HD package for 6 months, and NETFLIX during 3 months for free! All entire content, price 3,444 baht.

For the above package, customers must pay an entrance fee of 4,800 baht and receive a refund of 200 baht per month until the end of the 24-month contract. For current fibre customers, who have a usage period of more than 12 months, can switch to the SUPER MESH Wi-Fi package without paying an entrance fee.

Also, AIS Fibre has other Mesh Wi-Fi accessories from Nokia, allowing customers to order through the AIS Online Store at a special price, which are devices that can be used only for AIS Fibre network such as Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 1 (1 piece) price; 3,590 baht, Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 3 (1 piece); price 6,490 baht, and Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 3 (2 pieces); price 10,900 baht.

In addition to the 1 Gbps internet experience, AIS customers Fibre will get the extraordinary special by being able to adjust the speed flexibly with "Speed Toggle", switch download-upload speed by yourself in real-time, on-demand, and available 24 hours, which is perfect for customers who want to download or upload large files, whether to take concert tickets for famous artists, live broadcast to sell products online or watch movies from NETFLIX which has high definition 4K.

Customers can manage high-speed internet, with the speed package 1000/100 Mbps in 3 ways which are:


  1. Full Speed Download or download speed is higher than upload speed.
    Customers will get download speed = 1000 Mbps and upload speed = 100 Mbps.
    Suitable for usage on computers with LAN cables that Emphasize on downloading.
  2. Full Speed Upload or switch speed from download to upload speed.
    Customers will get download speed = 100 Mbps and upload speed = 1000 Mbps.
    Suitable for usage on computers with LAN cables that Emphasize on uploading.
  3. SYMMETRY or download speed and upload speed are equal.
    Customers will get download speed = 550 Mbps and upload speed = 550 Mbps
    Suitable for general usage via Wi-Fi with the full potential of Wi-Fi for both download and upload.

Mr. Saran said at the end that “In addition to the innovations from services and packages that deliver world-class content which is better than anyone else in the market, we are also proud to announce that AIS has partnered with Dentsu X (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to win the Official Broadcaster rights on mobile, pay IPTV, and internet as the only one in Thailand. We are preparing to live broadcast the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, along with 3 world-class Olympic games, including the Lausanne Winter Youth Olympics 2020, Winter Olympics Beijing 2022, and Dakar Youth Olympics 2022 to provide Thais the opportunity to cheer on Thai athletes and experience the world-class sport on the screen in every match via the AIS PLAYBOX, AIS PLAY application, and website, also watch back the highlights of the competition and the history in the memory of many of your favorite Olympic games, all of which is the intention of AIS to provide the best experience from using high-speed broadband internet that perfect in all aspects and better than everyone in the market.”

About Mesh Wi-Fi Technology Services

Mesh Wi-Fi technology is a device or Wi-Fi router that can communicate with other Wi-Fi routers automatically, able to combine and spread the Wi-Fi signal throughout the place, without needing to install cables, helping to reduce blind spots, allowing each device to connect seamlessly.

About the NOKIA Wi-Fi Beacon 1 technology service

"NOKIA Wi-Fi Beacon 1" is a premium, efficient and easy-to-install Wi-Fi distribution device, providing coverage throughout the residential area, and can completely support high-speed broadband, which is designed to automatically detect interference and connect the equipment to the most appropriate channel. Besides, it also has software and data analysis functions, and can even automatically fix problems, reducing the need for customers to manage the network by themselves.