AIS Business launches AIS eBiz Shop, an online channel for corporate customers and business owners The first in Thailand! that allows customers to register number via online and confirm their identity via e-KYC Be ensured of data security, alongside entrepreneur in every dimension

30 August 2019: AIS Business reinforces service leader for the organization and ready to bring Digital Infrastructure to strengthen for corporate customers, from small organizations to large organizations and business owners who are not registered as corporate company. Recently, moving forward of the service to the next level by launching the AIS eBiz Shop, an online store which is ready to be alongside of corporate customers and business owners in every dimension on facilitate customers to buy products and services from AIS Business easily and conveniently via online channels wherever customers can use the service, no need to go to the shop and no more to wait in line. Customers can spend time taking care of the business efficiently — this service is available for both corporate customers and business owners.

AIS eBiz Shop begins with the launch of new number register services and packages that specially selected for both corporate customers and business owners. Accordingly, customers who sign up for the service will receive identity verification following the e-KYC process — therefore ensuring data security, helping to prevent fraud or unauthorized use of the company name. AIS is the first service provider in Thailand that use the e-KYC process to provide new number register online services for corporate customers and business owners. In the future, will expand the service to cover the increased needs of customers such as the service to change mobile phone numbers that registered in the name of business owners number to corporate number, or purchase the additional service either solutions, etc.

Customers can register new numbers via the AIS eBiz Shop easier, safer, and better price with the following steps:

  1. Select a new number with the specified package.
  2. Fill in the information and upload documents to the system.
  3. Verify your identity by using the e-KYC process via VDO Call.
  4. Wait for the SIM card at home, delivers by Kerry.

Specially! Get extra internet up to 240 GB (20 GB per month for 12 billing cycles) only for customers who apply for the package through the AIS eBiz Shop channel from today onwards - 31 December 2019.

Any interested customers can use the AIS eBiz Shop on the website For more information; please contact the AIS Business Call Center 1149.