AIS joins Chiang Mai University, signing MOU for 5G technology research and development Pinning as the center of the north for testing the technology of the future

(24 July 2019) AIS led by Mr.Weerawat Kiattipongthaworn, Chief Corporate Office – AWN in AIS Group and Chiang Mai University led by Clinical Professor Niwes Nantachit, M.D.,FRCP(T), President of Chiang Mai University joined in the ceremony of signing a memorandum of cooperation (MOU) in research and experiment to develop the upcoming 5G technology in order to create academic knowledge and incubate digital technology personnel which will be a fundamental factor in driving the northern region and Thailand entering to the full digital era.

The 5G test in the Chiang Mai University area will bring the strengths of geographic identities, opportunities, interests, and challenges in each region to determine which students, researchers, citizens and all sectors in the 5G Ecosystem recognize the benefits of future technology as well as being able to plan to extend and develop innovation including services on 5G systems to match the area or region effectively, which following the NBTC's intention to support university to experiment 5G tests in Bangkok and the region.