AIS Business announces its vision to be the leading and most-trusted ICT service provider Digital solutions designed to strengthen all business types

13 November 2018: AIS Business, the corporate solutions arm of AIS, has announced its vision and policy to become the leading and most-trusted ICT service provider. AIS Business supports all types of enterprises as they prepare for growth and helps create new opportunities for all industries.

Backed by the company’s strengths and the personnel of the group including CS Lox Teleinfo Media, Rabbit Line Pay, as well as partnerships with such global IT companies as Microsoft, G-Able, SAP and VMware, AIS Business is able to provide a full range of ICT services for all types of business from network, digital infrastructure, cloud to IoT, ICT and digital platform. AIS Business thus ensures that customer enterprises can optimize solutions and meet international standards. AIS Business is also fundamental in helping all business sectors benefit from the digital transformation and in creating new business landscapes.

Today, AIS is organizing the Digital Future 2019, a seminar and digital technology showcase, bringing experts and high-ranking executives from leading local and international organizations together to share their visions. Visitors can learn about the practical digital solutions designed for key industries in the country.

Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer, AIS, said: “Over the past 5 years, digital disruption has dramatically affected the way we live and do business. For the enterprises, it is a new great opportunity to transform into innovation organizations with sustainable growth. We're confident that in this era, enterprises must implement business transformation in 2 areas.

  1. Develop organizational management in 3 ways. The first is to improve key operating processes and turn them into digitizing core processes; the second is to change the delivery channel of customer services into a digitizing customer interface; and the last is to expand operations by scaling digital technology.
  2. Enhance operating processes through better customer understanding using big data and constantly introducing innovations.

“We aim to transform our entire organization into a Digital Life Service Provider covering digital infrastructure, digital service and cultural transformation. Today, AIS is ready to enter into partnerships with all enterprises and industries taking them to the next level through a digital ecosystem that stems from our vision of being the most-trusted ICT service provider.

Mr. Yongsit Rojsrikul, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, AIS, adds that AIS is now ready to be the most-trusted ICT service providing network resources and advanced technologies for enterprises under the AIS Business brand. This is in line with the company's determination to use its capacities, digital technology expertise and personnel with knowledge of and competency in technology to support business sectors and local enterprises for sustainable growth.

In addition, AIS business will create new opportunities for doing business in the digital economy. AIS Business provides the country's most efficient digital infrastructure, namely

  • Mobile network: AIS has the biggest mobile spectrum service in Thailand and is the biggest provider of a major spectrum for 4G service.
  • Fixed Broadband: AIS Fiber is the country's first high-speed internet broadband service provider with the fiber optics network now covering more than 50 provinces nationwide.
  • IoT network: AIS is the first and only operator to provide both eMTCand NB-IoT networks covering all 77 provinces.

Furthermore, AIS offer technological innovations and digital services by synergizing strengths across the company and human resources such as CS Lox, Teleinfo Media, Rabbit line Pay, working closely with them to provide services and creating marketing activities to optimize benefits. In addition, AIS partners with the global leading IT providers including Microsoft, G-Able, SAP, and VMware allowing it to provide a full range of platforms and solutions from network, data center, cloud, managed ICT services, IoT, and payments. Services cover the entire operating process from devices, platforms, software designs and applications, the world-class cloud computing system and eSim which is compatible with all devices.

In addition, AIS offers customized solutions to meet the needs of each enterprise across all industries. AIS is on hand to offer advice to enterprises that are interested in deploying technologies for their operations, Mr. Yongsit adds.

Major ICT services of AIS Business are as follows:

  1. A full range of Cloud & ICT service for business

    The synergy with CS Loxinfo in October 2017 has reinforced AIS and allowed for it to have the highest number of data centers that meet the international "Carrier Grade" standard. The company provides superior cloud service quality with 9 data centers in Bangkok, its vicinities and the provinces. Moreover, AIS has quality 3G, 4G, 4.5G networks and Enterprise Data Service. As a hub of ICT networks, the connection between AIS and enterprise networks is more efficient and effective.

    The ICT services of CS Loxinfo and the teaming up of AIS and Loxinfo professionals in providing a managed network and ICT service enable AIS to offer customers the Cloud End-to-End Single Integrated Service covering cloud infrastructure, platform, software, network, security and managed services to meet the needs of all industries. The ICT Service is suitable for public and private organizations from large-scale enterprises to SMEs and startups.

    Moreover, AIS partners with the global cloud service providers to introduce new cloud services. These include:

    • AIS partners with G-Able to provide DATA Analytics as a service for enterprises that place importance on adopting Big Data for data analysis and management of a cloud system. It offers the same efficiency as a large server, but at a lower cost and with greater flexibility, enabling the enterprise to save on IT costs and design the right marketing strategy to generate revenue.
    • AIS partners with SAP to provide SAP Business One for SMEs. This offers an integrated system to help manage sales and accounting systems in line with Revenue Department regulations. The strong points for SMEs are fast system installation, expansion following business growth, and time and hardware budget savings.
    • AIS partners with CISCO and VERSA Technology to provide SD-WAN, an advanced network management by using software as a medium to manage all networks with a single point. AIS is the first company in Thailand that enables various types of network to easily work together including personalized circuit, internet or 3G/4G from different service providers.
  2. Commercial IoT service. AIS is the first and only company to provide a commercial IoT solutions service to leading public and private organizations. Thanks to the capability of IoT networks NB-IoT and eMTC with their nationwide coverage, and the collaborative network AIAP (AIS IoT Alliance Program) with its 800 members working together to create an IoT Ecosystem in Thailand, AIS to continuously able to extend the collaboration and carry out research & development to come up with design solutions that can be applied to the broad business sector as well as adopt IoT to support smart city innovations including healthcare, environment, transportation and quality of living for sustainable development. The IoT solutions include:
    • Smart Transportation: AIS is partnering with Metropolitan Police Division 1 to fit NB-IoT Tracking devices to police bikes.
    • Smart Recognition: A video to memorize, verify objects, vehicles or persons. The video can be applied for both security and customer care.
    • Smart Cold Chain: AIS partners with The Cool to deliver cold storage management service
    • Smart Health: AIS partners with Samitivej to meet the needs of medical care services
    • Smart Industrial Estate: AIS teams up with Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate to manage the internal area of the industrial estate.
  3. Digital Transformation Solution: Applications and platforms for enterprise management in terms of project-based solutions for customer needs, including
    • Smart retail to develop a new shopping experience model
    • Points & Privilege: A platform to collect points and privileges of your own business
    • Robot-as-a-Service: Robotic service with a control system that enables the enterprise to set the robotic behavior to respond and give information to customers.
    • Smart Call: A system for enterprises that send their agents out to customers to provide service at a project site.
  4. Digital Payment Gateway: AIS is ready to provide solutions for connecting with systems that support digital payments. With the potential of AIS subsidiaries Rabbit LINE Pay and mPAY, AIS can design the payment solutions for enterprises. This is a highlight of the service and helps AIS stand out from other ICT service providers.
  5. Digital Marketing & outsource Contact Center: With the experience of its subsidiary Teleinfo Media, AIS is ready to support businesses in creating digital marketing such as yellow pages, eCommerce platform, SEO, email marketing, social marketing, website design, and outsourcing contact center.

    Enterprise customers and SMEs interested in AIS Business are invited to contact AIS Corporate Customer division or AIS Corporate Call Center 1149 or visit

    "Thanks to the capability of human resources who have technology knowledge and expertise combined with a service-minded attitude to help accommodate customers as well as the company's determination to conduct business through professional management, we ensure that all types and all sizes of businesses obtain quality and superb service. We will help create new opportunities through digital technology and grow together sustainably,” Mr. Somchai concludes.