AIS deploys IoT technology to support operations of Metropolitan Police Division 1 NB-IoT Motor Tracker, a first solution to enhance police capability in the Thailand 4.0 era

(25 October 2018) AIS and HIP Global Co., Ltd., a producer and distributor of international-standard security solutions, are playing an important role in supporting and increasing the operating efficiency of the Metropolitan Police Division 1. AIS, HIP Global Co., Ltd. and the Metropolitan Police Division 1 have jointly developed the “NB-IoT Motor Tracker”, an innovative solution that connects the GPS tracking system through the AIS NB-IoT (Narrow-band IoT) network. Tracker devices have been fitted to 360 police motorbikes which notify the coordinates of the operating routes of the traffic and patrol polices in near real-time via the NB-IoT network.

When emergencies occur, a Command Center can ask the nearest police officers to provide care to those who need help with a shorter time. The new solutions improve the efficiency of police operations in effectively safeguarding lives and property.

The NB-IoT Motor Tracker service is now available at the 9 police stations under the supervision of the Metropolitan Police Division 1, namely Chana Songkhram, Phayathai, Din Daeng, Dusit, Nanglerng, Bang Pho, Makkasan, Huai Kwang, and Samsen. This is a crucial step forward in using digital innovations to drive operations for the optimum benefit of the Thai people and is in line with the Thailand 4.0 policy.

Ms. Asnee Wipatawate, Head of Enterprise Product & International Service , AIS, says that in addition to providing the best communications service for Thais, AIS also places importance on developing new digital innovations to strengthen the country. IoT technology is particularly a key to developing the Smart City. AIS has previously been entrusted by leading public and private organizations to provide IoT solutions to reinforce the capabilities of their operations.

"We’re proud to have the trust of the Metropolitan Police Division 1 that has allowed AIS and its partner HIP Global to develop the new solution called NB-IoT Motor Tracker for the first time in Thailand. The system will deliver GPS coordinates of the patrol police or traffic operations via our NB-IoT network, and compute on the application hosted on AIS Cloud. It will display the locations of the motorcycles on a dashboard at 9 police stations in Bangkok. A strong point of the NB-IoT is that it can send updated motorcycle coordinates in near real time enabling the Command Center to see the actual locations of the police motorbikes in each area. The center can then contact the patrol or traffic police who are the nearest to the incident to speed to the scene and provide timely assistance to those in trouble.”

Ms. Asnee adds that this collaboration is a model of the motor tracker service with more advanced technology which proves that the NB-IoT technology can be practically applied for use in Thailand to help enhance the operating capability of state agencies, especially the Metropolitan Police Division 1 which has a responsibility for the lives of people as well as peace and safety in the city.

Pol Maj Pukphong Pongpetra, Deputy Commissioner of Metropolitan Police Bureau, says that the key policy of the Metropolitan Police Bureau is to safeguard against damage or loss of life and property and has its goal to reduce the number of incidents and criminal cases.

The police must always be ready and flexible to reach the scene of any reported incident or complaint as fast as they can. In addition, the operating system must be easy to inspect and for problems to be resolved. With technology now becoming a vital operational tool, the Metropolitan Police Division 1 is deploying new technologies and tools to help improve the efficiency of police operations.

Pol Maj Gen. Zenith Samransamruadkit, Commander of Metropolitan Police Division 1, says that It is for this reason that the Metropolitan Police Division 1 has entered into this collaboration with AIS the leading technology and digital network providers and HIP Global a producer and distributor of international standard security solutions, to adopt the NB-IoT Motor Tracker service for police motorcycles in Bangkok. The new solutions will make it easier for the command center to communicate with police motorcyclists nearest to the incident. Thanks to improved efficiency, the police can reach the scene promptly, bringing relief to those in need. This development is in line with the public sector's policy for Thailand 4.0.

Ms. Asnee adds that AIS takes great pleasure in supporting the public sector through the provision of integrated NB-IoT Motor Tracker solutions for the Metropolitan Police Division 1. Moreover, AIS is ready to deliver digital services to enterprises across the industrial sector. AIS provides a wide range of services from device supply IoT Platform, software and application design, a world-class Cloud Computing system and data storage, and eSIM (or embedded SIMs) technology that can be applied to IoT devices on the AIS NB-IoT network, which has now been expanded to all 77 provinces. AIS is ready to provide advice to all enterprises interested in deploying IoT solutions.

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Outstanding features of AIS NB-IoT

  1. Supports low power consumption, providing long battery life of up to 10 years per IoT device.
  2. It can support up to 100,000 end IoT devices per cell site.
  3. The radius of network coverage per cell site is wider and has deeper penetration even in buildings covering more than 10 kilometers.
  4. The Network can be developed to provide IoT services quickly because the network equipment are designed to use with the current 4G network.