AIS opens Edutainment Content: Chinese online course for Thai people via AIS PLAY application and AIS PLAYBOX

4 September 2018: AIS enhances the educational opportunities to support Thai people through digital technology by opening a Chinese online course. Following the growing trend of China's economy that expanding in every year, including Chinese tourists who came to visit and do business in Thailand.

AIS cooperates with Chinese language school named Follow Me, launches "Chinese is all around" which is a Video-on-demand and free content via AIS PLAY and AIS PLAYBOX. However, The course will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm, the first episode will be starting on 4 September 2018.

AIS needs Thai people learning Chinese vocabulary in everyday life easier through video clips which are 2 minutes per episode in more than 100 episodes. Every episode will be teaching by Native-speaking Chinese teachers and young men with talented from AIS SMART GEN. Each episode will bring the vocabulary that uses in everyday life along with Thai subtitles for the audience to understand the vocabulary and accent easier, including adding up with fun and jokes to make the audience fun learning.

For AIS users who want to keep watching new video clips continuously. You can press *424# and make a free call for getting a link via SMS, click to watch easily without searching. (No charge for SMS)