AIS Gives Korat Locals New Strength by Bringing Jobs and Enhancing Isaan's Economy through the Launch of AIS Contact Center Development & Training Arena

AIS Gives Korat Locals New Strength by Bringing Jobs and Enhancing Isaan’s Economy through the Launch of AIS Contact Center Development & Training Arena - the Largest and Most Modern Training Center in Isaan for Human Development and Call Center Training

December 18, 2017 : An astoundingly new dimension from a private sector whose vision is to create value-added in human development, share cumulative knowledge, and provide job opportunities in service and contact center, meet the new AIS Contact Center Development & Training Arena (AIS-CCD&TA), the largest and most modern training center in the Northeastern region of Thailand.

  • AIS Contact Center Development & Training Arena
    The largest and most modern human development center in the Northeastern region of Thailand, AIS-CCD&TA is situated in a six-story building featuring more than 18,000 square meters of workspace. Its state-of-the-art green building is certified by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for its energy saving and environmentally-friendly, setting a good example in balancing between energy consumption and the conservation of natural resources. Residents of Nakorn Ratchasima particularly new gens are welcome to use AIS workspace for meeting and discussing ideas. Latest technologies from AIS’s Digital for Thais are also available for your first-hand experience.
  • Knowledge Sharing
    AIS highly values human development. We offer AIS experienced trainers to coach new employees at our Development & Training Center. With a total of 19 rooms, the facility can conduct on-the-job training programs for as many as 500 trainees daily including staff of AIS, Telewiz, and business partners.
  • 24x7 Contact Center
    Over 40 million AIS customers praise AIS Contact Center as one of the best in the country. With equal standard to the main AIS Contact Center in Bangkok, AIS CCD&TA in Nakorn Ratchasima will hire 1,700 new positions, providing job opportunities for residents of Korat as well as Northeastern region. Everyone is welcome to join AIS family – we accept job application online daily (

Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Info Service Public Limited Company or AIS, said, “It has been AIS desire to utilize our 25-year expertise

in digital infrastructure and telecommunication to support and strengthen Thailand economy through Digital for Thais – an AIS vision. Human development is an essential driving force in preparing our country to be competitive and sustainable as we go through the age of digital disruption.”

Service remains in high demand in every industry. AIS Contact Center Development & Training Arena represents our determination to co-develop “human resource” to meet the increasing demand and the economic growth in Nakorn Ratchasima as well as Northeastern region. Furthermore, AIS-CCD&TA will function as a knowledge center, bringing cumulative knowledge from AIS call center in Bangkok to this region, creating equality and providing job opportunities for Isaan-born students to return to work in their homelands. I believe these offerings will accelerate the spreading of knowledge throughout the Northeastern region, creating high-quality workers to help improve the quality of their communities they live in.”

Mr. Somchai explained that he chose Nakorn Ratchasima because its GDP exceeds 265 billion baht (approx. eight billion USD), the largest economy in the Northeastern region. Currently, Thai government is making G2G large-scaled investments in transportation infrastructure including motorway and double-track railway, while the private sector is getting ready to launch a variety of branded department stores. Such phenomenon will definitely increase the employment in customer service. With large universities in nearby provinces, graduates will have a better chance of finding a job here in Nakorn Ratchasima. AIS-CCD&TA definitely comes to the right place and at the right time to help serve the market demand in call-center personnel. It will also provide valuable knowledge and enhance work competency for residents of Nakorn Ratchasima and the Northeastern region, making the province ready to become a new metropolitan in transportation and logistics for Asian Economy Community (AEC).

AIS Contact Center Development & Training Arena began its construction in 2013.

It consists of five zones:

Zone 1: AIS Development & Training Center Arena for customer service – the first and largest facility of its kind in the Northeastern region, can facilitate as many as 500 trainees per day. Its facility includes lecture room, auditorium, and workshop totaling 19 rooms with on-the-job training programs.

Zone 2: AIS Work Space. New gens especially high-school and university students will enjoy AIS Work Space with over 1,000 titles of state-of-the-art technology books, internet access from AIS Super WiFi at 650 Mbps speed, and use of meeting room.

Zone 3: AIS Exhibition. AIS invites you to experience latest digital technology, for instance, IoT; Chat Bot as an invention from Digital for Thais projects including AorSorMor Online application to benefit public health and Farmsuk – a platform for knowledge and online marketplace for farmers; Sarnrak Sarn Kwamroo (weaving love, providing knowledge) – a collection of digital contents in education and entertainment for Thai students to learn and enjoy beyond classroom; plus innovative ideas from AIS startups.

Zone 4: AIS Contact Center Operation. The real AIS call-center operation room runs 24 hours daily with 1,700 call-center agents working at a capacity of answering four million calls per month.

Zone 5: AIS Hall of Wellness. Physical and mental strength is the key to succeeding customer service. Hence, AIS designs AIS Hall of Wellness to promote the wellbeing of AIS staff featuring fitness equipment and programs, yoga and spa to make AIS staff highly competent to serve our customers.

“AIS is delighted to be a part of Northeastern community contributive to better quality of living of locals, AIS staff, and related personnel. We are honored to co-develop economy provincially and nationally, leading to sustainable growth,” Mr. Somchai concluded.