SIM2Fly "Number 1" in the heart of travelers, The Best Value of 4GB high speed internet covering over 60 countries worldwide for customers regardless their mobile operators

21 July 2017: AIS is delivering the best value offer to savvy travelers, supporting them to live to the fullest. The offered full high-speed internet package keeps the roamers stay connected to social media. “SIM2Fly Europe America” is the most valuable Roaming SIM compatible for users of any mobile network operators. Users can make non-stop surfing on the internet by using the super high-speed 4GB package charging only 899 baht. The package is available for 15 days with coverage in more than 60 countries worldwide including the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, the US (including Hawaii), Canada, and Argentina. Charge rate for incoming calls and outgoing calls to Thailand starts as low as 6 baht per minute.

Customers who have ever used the SIM2Fly can also reduce package charge for next fascinating trips by using the same SIM. Users making trip to Europe and the US pay less at 849 baht for additional package that comes with a 4GB data roaming available for 15 days. For those making a shorter trip to Asia and Australia, they pay only 299 baht for the same speed of the internet lasting 8 days.

SIME2Fly is the most valuable packages for travelers. Regardless their registered mobile operators, the SIM ensures mobile users to stay in contact while traveling outside of home country. With the SIM2Fly, users are no long concerned by overuse of the internet. Walking around for free WiFi carrying heavy-weight Pocket WiFi is irrelevant at all. Frustration of buying a SIM in foreign country is unnecessary any more.

SIM2Fly is easy to buy at AIS Shops nationwide, Suvarnabhumi Airport, and Don Muang Airport, AIS Online Store, Telewiz Shops and Family Marts (only participating shops).

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