KBank and AIS join forces with FoodStory and FlowAccount Introducing Food Solution - Thailand's First Comprehensive System of Restaurant Management

KBank and AIS have joined forces with two rising stars of tech startup – FoodStory and FlowAccount – to introduce “Food Solution”, Thailand’s first comprehensive system of restaurant management. Food Solution provides a service to link all matters related to restaurant management, from storefront service to the back of restaurant, automatic data connection to the accounting system, and payment via online application, all aimed at enhancing restaurant business efficiency.

KBank Senior Executive Vice President Mr. Patchara Samalapa said, “There are new entrants in the restaurant business every year. It is expected that restaurants in Thailand will record a total market turnover of 397 billion Baht, up by 2-4 percent over the previous year. Medium and small establishments are valued at 275 billion Baht, or equal to 69 percent of all operators; most of them rely upon their employees for data recording, and not on technology-based systems. Data including customer orders, raw material stocks, accounting and cash receipt risk incorrect input, causing needless loss of time and expenditure. Having seen this weakness, KBank strongly encourages the use of technology to overcome business obstacles. It is our aim to enhance management efficiency for restaurant businesses as a basis of further advancement”.

“KBank, a leader in providing SME financial services, and AIS, Thailand’s digital life service provider, have a shared vision of applying technology and digital facilities to assist Thai businesses. The two organizations have now joined hands with high-potential Thai tech startups, including FoodStory, provider of restaurant management service; and FlowAccount, provider of online accounting service, in developing Food Solution as Thailand’s first comprehensive restaurant management system. Food Solution can offer linkage for all matters related to restaurant management, from storefront service to the back of restaurant, accounting system connectivity and payment system on an internet network with the fastest speed”.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, Acting Chief Marketing Officer of ADVANCED INFO SERVICE PCL, said, “AIS has always been committed to benefit from our highly efficient digital networks of 4.5G, 4G, 3G, AIS Super WiFi and AIS FIBRE – the best, fastest and most extensive fixed broadband internet service, to induce changes and development of the national digital infrastructure. These platforms will also respond to the Thailand 4.0 initiative of the government. We have focused on digital transformation to usher all businesses and industries into the digital era, and our key policy is to work with all partners in the ecosystem for innovating business solutions for startups in this environment”.

Food Solution is the most comprehensive restaurant management system. It has been designed to completely meet the needs of small, mid-sized and large restaurants, with one or several outlets. The innovative system offers a monthly cost-saving package plus trusted after-sale services at a high standard.

Food Solution comprises four core technologies, i.e.,

1. FoodStory - a restaurant management system on iPad which displays food menus and takes orders from customers. The chosen dishes are further sent to the back office system for cooking. Then, raw materials in inventory are automatically cut. The system helps save time and minimizes errors in taking orders or stock control by workers.

2. FlowAccount - an online account management system that is linked to FoodStory. At the end of each day, total sales turnover and cost are updated on FlowAccount. The innovative system allows restaurateurs more convenience as they spend no time in bookkeeping, thus effectively controlling their income and expenses, while account reports can be viewed anywhere, anytime.

3. Payment innovation with mPOS from KBank - Diners may pay their bills with a credit or debit card via an iPad-linked device that performs the functions of an electronic point-of-sale terminal (mPOS). KBank also applies API to link its system to FlowAccount of our customers whose accounts are linked to the K PLUS SME application. The initiative allows for more effective account management, thus making it easier to settle outstanding amount via K PLUS SME, together with reduced risk and enhanced convenience for our customers. With this system, there is no need to rely on cashiers.

4. Internet connection via AIS service – Thailand’s top-ranked internet network with the most comprehensive nationwide coverage. With the most effective and fastest Internet connectivity via AIS, restaurant operators can feel more confident that their business will run smoothly via Food Solution, which provides round-the-clock after sale services.

Food Solution offers three packages to choose from. They are, i.e.,

  • S package for small restaurants, starting at 1,779 Baht/month
  • M package for mid-sized restaurants, starting at 2,870 Baht/month
  • L package for large restaurants, starting at 3,670 Baht/month

In its initial stage, the service will be available at restaurants within the Bangkok metropolitan area. To learn more about the service, interested persons may visit www.ais.co.th/Foodsolution-business or call the AIS Call Center at 1149.

Mr. Pratthana added that, “The cooperation this time around is a concerted effort of all those involved in creating a restaurant and technology business ecosystem. FoodStory, the winner of the “SME TeeTak THE FINAL 2016” reality competition TV show and an expert in food management programs, has joined Food Solution to help restaurant owners run their businesses more systematically and smoothly. FlowAccount, the winner of the “AIS Startup 2015” project and owner of a cloud-based accounting software, has also offered its know-how for restaurant owners to manage their accounting more conveniently and accurately. This cooperation reflects the determination of AIS and KBank to encourage startups to launch their services in the market via partnership.”

Mr. Thagoon Chartsutipol, Co-Founder and CEO, Living Mobile Co., Ltd., said, “Digital technologies play a crucial role in all businesses, including restaurants. Previously, the main difficulty in running a restaurant was to cook delicious foods, but the challenge today is management that must rely on technology. Food Solution has been designed to offer restaurant owners greater convenience in managing their businesses and cutting operating costs, as well as more time to plan useful matters for their businesses, e.g., new menus and promotions, plus analyzing customer feedback for improvement.”

Mr. Kridsada Chutinaton, Co-Founder and CEO, FlowAccount Co., Ltd., said, “Restaurant owners cannot avoid accounting work, including day-end closing or month-end document preparations to make a summary for an accounting firm. Participating in the development of the Food Solution system has allowed FlowAccount to link with the restaurant management app of FoodStory, meaning receipt and expense data appearing in the FoodStory restaurant system will automatically be transmitted to the FlowAccount accounting system without having to print it. As a result, users can view the accounting status of their restaurants in real-time. Restaurant owners using Food Solution will have a real integrated management that helps them reduce document preparation time, thus allowing them ample time to improve their businesses.”

Mr. Patchara added, “Entrepreneurs do not want only money, but tools to help them enhance business efficiency. Food Solution is a link to technologies provided by experts in different fields, thus allowing entrepreneurs to manage their restaurants in a more integrated, flexible and efficient manner. They can also view business data and cash flows, as well as being able to use the data to maintain their business operations systematically. It is expected that Food Solution will be well received by substantial number of restaurant owners. A target has also been set to launch a similar solution package to support SMEs in other businesses in the future.”