AIS Embraces High Tech with High Touch: The Art of Service Differentiation to Win Customers' Hearts and Remain Thailand's No.1 Digital Service Provider

27 March 2017: AIS has managed once again to exceed its superior service quality by continuing to differentiate itself from competitors with its latest campaign “No.1 Service with heart for digital lifestyle” under the ongoing concept of “AIS Live 360.” All new AIS customer services have been carefully created from our hearts with thorough understanding of consumer behaviors, complemented by digital technology to meet customers’ desires in speed, convenience and self-fulfillment. Experience an array of AIS digital services starting with My AIS App – virtually the best AIS Shop in your hand; Ask Aunjai – intelligent virtual agent who can take care of you 24 hours; AIS-IVR Speech Recognition – cutting straight to the service you need by using voice command; and Omni Channel – prompting customers’ desires to appear on all AIS contact points for faster and more accurate services. More, enjoy AIS personalized privileges that surround you everywhere you go. Prepared to be pampered by AIS throughout this year!

Mrs. Bussaya Satirapipatkul, Executive Vice President in charge of Customer Service Management at Advanced Info Service PLC or AIS, said, “AIS is committed to the relentless pursuit of improving customer services – to deliver the best customer experiences at all times. AIS latest campaign “Digital for Thais,” announced last month at AIS Vision 2017, aims to use digital technology for the betterment of Thai people in every aspect. Customer Services will, of course, align with this campaign by bringing technology to help enhance our customer services. Campaign “No.1 Service with heart for digital lifestyle” under the main concept of “AIS Live 360” illustrates how we apply deep understanding and attention to customers’ details to creating exceptional customer services complemented by digital technology to meet customers’ satisfaction, ensuring that our customers have a Wonderful Experience whenever they interact with us. Today’s customers enjoy fast service, convenience, and empowerment anywhere and anytime twenty-four hours a day. They also prefer personalized services to reach the best service experiences with intensive care from AIS hearts. Thus, we set forth into four major areas:

1) My AIS

An application that responds to all inquiries on digital living, My AIS is user-friendly, fast, convenient, and always on twenty four hours every day. Customers can easily check their mobile-phone activities such as voice, data, bill charge and AIS Points that customer can collect from their usage. The application also reports customer’s privileges wherever he or she goes. Get product and service discount or free gift by pressing “Nearby” on the menu. Simply download My AIS application and you can purchase world-class entertainment from HBO viewable through AIS Play.

2) Ask Aunjai

AIS virtual agent that combines artificial intelligence (AI), Chatbot and Smart Knowledge Base into one, Ask Aunjai is ready to answer your questions 24 hours on AIS website and My AIS. Aunjai’s latest version appears more human-like with cuter, more charming and emotional expressions to make customers feel as if they are talking to the real agent.

3) IVR Speech Recognition

No need to wait anymore! AIS-IVR Speech Recognition allows you to go straight to your specific need by using voice command. Simply say the service that you want, AIS-IVR Speech Recognition will bypass the usual voice menu and bring you to the service requested in seconds. Now available at Serenade Call Center 1148.

4) Omni Channel

AIS customer inquiry placed at one contact point will appear in other AIS channels instantly and seamlessly, including online channels (AIS Facebook, Line, website) and offline channels (AIS Call Center 1175, Serenade Call Center 1148, AIS Shops at 133 locations, and Telewiz shops at 430 locations nationwide). AIS Omni Channel provides instant updates on customer’s preferences and inquiries, allowing AIS agents to offer the desired service to the customer promptly and accurately where he left off.

Besides the four aspects above, AIS continues to take care of customers by offering various privileges to customers. AIS campaign “Chok Tong Talomtub, Year #9” (Lucky Gold Avalanche), Free Dining 77 Provinces across the Country, and “Muenee Fin, Wannee Free” (Happy Meal of the Day for Free) are just some of AIS signature privileges. Plus, AIS in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) launched “AIS Trip,” taking customers on a journey to unseen Thailand while learning photographic techniques from gurus in social network.

“AIS will continue to set apart our services from other telecom operators by using our hearts to create new services integrated by digital technology and new innovation. We believe that with the right mix, we can provide the best service experiences that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations,” Mrs. Bussaya concluded.