Big Saving for Travelers heading to Europe and the US with SIM2FLY from AIS applicable to Customers of any Networks

March 17, 2017: After the successful launch of SIM2FLY last year offering big saving in roaming, now travelers visiting Europe and the US can enjoy non-stop internet at 3GB of max speed usage for 15 days for only 899 baht. SIM2FLY is applicable in 16 countries in Europe, US, and Middle East including the United States, Canada, UK (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland), France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Netherland, Germany, Spain, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman. Travelers can make phone calls to Thailand or receive for as low as 6 baht per minute.

SIM2FLY offers special saving to ALL overseas travelers and works with mobile subscription of other network operators as well. No need to carry pocket WiFi, look for free WiFi, go through a hassle of buying SIM overseas, or be afraid of net leak. Simply stop by at AIS shop anywhere, or buy SIM2FLY online at AIS Online Store. For more details, please log in