AIS Vision 2017: Introducing Digital for Thais to Help Drive Thailand 4.0 Roadmap. A New Company's Commitment to Bringing Digital Technology for the Benefits of Thais and for Everyone.

6 February 2017: AIS announces 2017 company’s vision with a commitment to utilizing digital technology for the best benefits of Thai people.

The leader in digital life service provider, AIS this year will accumulate its know-how and experience in digital technology from both mobile and fixed broadband services combined with business intelligence from award-winning management team and latest innovations from world-class strategic alliances to help strengthen Thailand’s digital infrastructure and support the government’s roadmap for Thailand 4.0.

AIS Vision 2017 will emphasize AIS capabilities as digital life service provider in three aspects:

1) Enhance Digital Infrastructure

    a. Next G network : Gigabit networks for Next G Fibre, Next G Super Wifi, and Next G Mobile to deliver beyond 1 Gbps bring first in southeast asia all three gigabit networks

    b. NB-IoT : Narrow Band – Internet of Things, the future of everything internet is live in Thailand as the first live network in southeast asia.

2) More Digital Services

    a. Full categories of digital video entertainment: Partnership with Fox, exclusive partnership with HBO and NBA to bring extreme entertainment experience as well as the launch of Chromecast which will extend experience from small screen to the big screen.

    b. Partnership on Cloud with Microsoft to bring the best Office 365 experience to all Thai customers with best super cloud.

3) Announce the concept “AIS Digital for Thais” as AIS is bringing digital technology to support grassroots workers in agriculture, public health, education and OTOP entrepreneurs.

Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of Advanced Info Service PLC or AIS, said, “Last year, we witnessed the big leap in telecommunication industry in Thailand a major transformation to full-scaled digital literacy. Such digital transformation became the focal point of the government and many industries. AIS observed the internet connection from mobile phone at a record high 24 million users. Twelve million of them connected to the internet via 4G handsets and consumed the internet at an average of 6 hours per day. Video viewing reached 10 million clips per day, and photo upload at 1.8 million pictures per day.”

“After receiving the licenses on 1800 MHz and 900 MHz bandwidths, AIS has been working very hard to installing the best mobile network for the benefit of Thai people. Within 300 days, AIS completed its 4G network installation, covering 98 per cent of populated areas and offering the largest coverage in the country. Moreover, we continue to strengthen our network quality by acquiring the latest innovations. For example, AIS co-developed with Huawei last year to achieve the world’s first 4.5G. Ookla Speed Test and Qualcomm, world-renowned chipset maker, presented a certificate to AIS as the fastest and most stable network in Thailand. Also, we are recognized as the largest 4G roaming network in Asia (roaming with 182 telecom operators in 150 countries). In regard to fixed broadband, AIS Fibre has managed to acquire over five million households. The number of customers in Q4 of 2016 totaled 300,000. Despite entering the market for less than two years, AIS Fibre becomes an instant hit mainly due to our excellent quality in fiber optic, quick turnaround time, and reasonable price.”

“In 2017, I believe the internet usage will jump as much as 300 per cent. The biggest market will be fixed broadband and IoT-enabled devices such as wearables and M2M (machine to machine). These products are sure to bring new opportunities, calling for more sophisticated operation in business to cope with advanced consumer lifestyles. AIS predicts that in the next five years Thailand’s digital economy will be the major driver to many industries, resulting in an exponential growth. We shall see the burst in digital infrastructure in three major areas: high-speed internet, the growth of smartphone, and IoT with more than 20 million types of usage.”

Mr. Somchai emphasized that “throughout last year, AIS was putting in extra efforts to achieve the stability in network, popularity in digital services and an increase in employee competency working closely with strategic partners. This year as digital life service provider, AIS is making a commitment to working with the government sector in bringing digital technology to support, strengthen, and provide opportunities and access equality in information technology. AIS Digital for Thais will be our flagship to support the government’s roadmap for Thailand 4.0.

Mr. Hui Weng Cheong, AIS President, said, “AIS Business Plan in 2017 will incorporate all existing AIS network and transform to Gigabit Network. AIS will be the first telecom provider in Southeast Asia ready to do this. For mobile network, the latest technology Multipath TCPP will increase the transmission speed to 15 times faster than LTE network, and four times faster than Tri Band LTE Advance. AIS Wifi will become Gigabit Super Wifi (using 802.11 ac Wave2 standard), and AIS Fibre will support up to 10-Gigabit speed as well.”

“Interestingly, AIS preparation for Gigabit Network will provide a linkage to IoT (Internet of Things), a key component in developing Thailand’s infrastructure to spark new ideas and inventions for a variety of public services. IoT can also be the key to achieving Thailand’s Smart Cities. Today, AIS is proud to introduce Asia’s first Narrowband IoT Network, capable of supporting a number of IoT devices. AIS Narrowband IoT Network offers signal accessibility to all types of location and supports all kinds of IoT devices. Most importantly, its electricity consumption is very minimal the key advantage to IoT technology. In the near future, AIS customers will enjoy this IoT service starting in prime locations in Bangkok and vicinity.”

“With the latest advancement in Gigabit Network, AIS will be more than ready to bring exquisite entertainment from the elites: Fox Networks, HBO, NBA, and Chrome Cast. Soon, AIS customers will enjoy world-class TV programs from the palm of their hands anytime and anywhere with no interruption.

For business sector, AIS teamed up with Microsoft to bring world-standard Business Cloud to Thai companies and SMEs. AIS Cloud Service will meet the demands of Thai companies in all sizes and all kinds of business. In today’s competition, it is very important for companies and SMEs to be digitally ready. And I believe that AIS Business Cloud will be the key to enhance your competitiveness.”

For business plan 2017, AIS will roll out “Digital for Thais,” a collaboration with government in using digital technology to strengthen Thailand’s infrastructure in four major areas :

1) Digital Agriculture for Farmers and OTOP Makers : AIS works with the public and private sectors to improve the quality of living of farmers and OTOP makers. For example, we collaborate with The Digital Economy Promotion Agency to organize Entrepreneur Development Program in Technology and Digital Innovation by introducing digital technology for commercial use targeting Community Enterprise, OTOP, and SMEs. The Office of Digital Economy Promotion courteously provides database of OTOP makers accessible through Channel Management System developed by ODEP and linked with E-Marketplace by AIS. Furthermore, AIS is also working with Pracharat Rak Samakkee (Thailand) Limited Company to help improve farming efficiency and the quality of living of farmers and OTOP makers. Application Farmsuk, an AIS brainchild, is developed as a trading platform for farmers, millers and customers. The application will benefit farmers in reducing distribution cost, gaining access to indigenous knowledge and local intellects, learning about packaging and market differentiation, and adding value to their produce with IoT devices. Application Farmsuk will also promote direct sales between farmers and customers, increasing customer confidence and convenience.

2) Digital Public Health : AIS sees an opportunity in making public healthcare in Thailand more efficient. We realize that preventive actions are in fact more important than treatments. Introducing OrSorMor Online, an AIS application designed to be a proactive communication tool for healthcare practitioners especially doctors and nurses working at Tambon Health Promoting Hospitals (THPH) located in every province and public-health volunteers stationing in villages. An example of AIS using digital innovation to help Thai people access doctors and healthcare easier and faster.

3) Digital Education : As digital life service provider, AIS recognizes the importance of education. Sarnrak Konkeng Huajai Krang (Weaving Love: Good Kids Great Hearts), is one of AIS cornerstones in social contribution which began in 2001 and has been contributive to Thai society for the last seventeen years. Sarnrak project offers scholarship to children in poverty who value education as their solution to overcoming hardship in lives. Kids who meet AIS criteria will receive scholarship every year until they complete a Bachelor’s Degree program. The schools where Good Kids Great Hearts students are enrolling also receive sporting goods from AIS.

To support Thailand 4.0 roadmap, AIS will utilize digital technology to better the quality of education nationwide. As part of using digital technology to improve education, AIS introduces Sarnrak Program for Education mainly to provide access to students in information. We will provide internet connection and AIS Playbox (set-top box) specially packaged with educational contents, online classroom and documentary such as National Geographic, DLTV, edutainment VOD and documentary VOD featuring wild-life animals and nature. Schools where GKGH students are attending will get the privilege first followed by schools in remote areas estimated 200 locations across the country. With internet access, underprivileged students will have direct access to various sources of information around the world, gaining broader perspective and new outlooks in various issues.

Aksorn Education Limited Company, a well-known management in education, partners with AIS to bring Aksorn Learning Ecosystem featuring innovative courses and training especially designed to improve teachers’ competency.

4) Community for New Generations : AIS D.C. Designed For Creation For Thailand to stay competitive, new generations need to explore their interests and expand their knowledge beyond classroom. AIS in collaboration with TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center) plan to introduce DC: Designed for Creation. This chic venue is intended to be a meeting place for creative teenagers and young adults to discuss and share their innovative ideas and works, and inspire others. Including various services provide to new creators.

More importantly, new startups can use AIS D.C. as a test lab for API connection between their product or service and AIS digital platform. AIS Specialists in digital contents will be on site ready for assistance.

“AIS is committed to integrating our know-how and expertise in digital technology to support Thailand 4.0 roadmap. We believe that we can help make Thailand’s digital infrastructure stronger, providing nationwide linkage and equality in internet access. Thai people deserve the best digital technology and AIS is ready wholeheartedly to deliver the best for the benefits of Thai people and the sustainability of our country,” Mr. Somchai concluded.