"AIS Chairman of the Board of Director" Vithit Leenutaphong, has now moved to grow his personal Thaiyarnyon business, after having successfully transformed Thailand's #1 Telco.

Advanced Info Service (AIS) has revealed that due to obligations from Vithit's private business, on 8th November, Vithit has resigned from his former position as Chairman of the Board, Advanced Info Service. He will continue to contribute as a board member of Intouch, the parent company of AIS. He has also been appointed by Singtel as Advisor on its investment in Thailand. AIS Board of Directors also appoints Mr. Kan Trakulhoon as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors and appoint Mr. Philip Chen Chong Tan to be a new member of the Board.

Somchai Lertsuthiwong, CEO of AIS says “Appointed as AIS Chairman of the Board of AIS nearly 3 years ago, Vithit faced the task of transforming the organization at a monumental time. Amidst rapid changes in Thailand and the telecoms industry in the form of regulation and competition, over the highly eventful 3 years at the helm, Vithit guided and supported transformation at AIS in 3 main areas. Firstly, people and cultural changes such as the fast-track program; secondly, the securement of additional bandwidth so that now AIS has all the 900Mhz, 1800Mhz & 2100Mhz spectrums; and lastly, AIS' business model transformation to become a "Digital Life Service Provider". Having first been appointed as AIS director over 2 decades back, Vithit is recognized internationally as a respected professional director in growing companies within the telecommunications industry.

Throughout his time as the Chairman since his appointment in February 2014, he has total commitment for the role and has successfully laid down solid foundations of good corporate governance toward improved transparency and kept the organization abreast of the latest trends. Furthermore, Khun Vithit also gives importance to people and community. He encouraged AIS to start AIS Employee Wellbeing program which cares for the health of employees and has resulted in AIS achieving the ‘Best Choice Employer Award 2016'. Khun Vithit has also placed strong emphasis on social and charity work for developing the Thai community, where employees can even pitch their own ideas for projects in this context, for example, projects to increase jobs and improve education for those less fortunate. Khun Vithit not only directed AIS funds to these causes, but also personally financed them himself from his own savings. Khun Vithit has laid down strong roots and pave the way for us to reap its fruits for the 5-10 years to come”.

Vithit Leenutaphong, as an AIS Chairman of the Board of Director, has transformed the telco, which was pivotal in maintaining and sustaining its market leadership for years to come. Vithit says, “With his private business - Thai Yarnyon Co., Ltd - as sole authorized importer and interior manufacturer of the Volkswagen Thaiyarnyon Caravelle, facing a domestic surge in demand coupled with huge export potential, He is set on his next challenge in supply chain restructuring of Thaiyarnyon in order to accommodate this exponential growth”.

“I am optimistic of AIS' future and I am satisfied with what AIS has achieved nearly 3 years as Chairman. As much as I'll miss AIS' greatest asset - it's people - I must dedicate myself to my personal business at Thaiyarnyon as we now already have the order backlogs in excess of 5 months and faces an exponential export-led growth story of its own from the opening up of the ASEAN market." say Vithit Leenutaphong.