AIS and dtac launch first cross-network VoLTE service in Thailand and ASEAN offering new lifestyle and experience with HD-quality voice and video calling as special privilege to customers of both networks

October 13, 2016 : AIS and dtac customers can get ready for a big smile as the two telco giants announce their collaboration in Voice over LTE (VoLTE) across two networks for the first time in Thailand and ASEAN.

Customers of both mobile operators calling each other via VoLTE from anywhere in the country where 4G is available will experience a premier quality of voice and video call. Previously, such calls would have to be converted to 3G when connecting to the other operator. Voice over LTE will offer HD audio and HD video call with faster connection for the same price as a regular phone call available for both prepaid and contracted customers.

Mr. Titipong Khiewpaisal, Senior Vice President in Consumer Marketing and Sales at Advanced Info Service PLC or AIS, and Mr. Sitthichoke Nopchinabutr, Chief Marketing Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, delivered this message together, “This announcement marks a significant collaboration in 4G service between two telecom leaders first time in Thailand and ASEAN. After the success in individual VoLTE launches, AIS and dtac mutually agree to expand VoLTE service across the two networks. AIS customers who subscribe 4G VoLTE HD Voice and dtac customers who apply for 4G Calling will benefit from the new experience of using Voice over LTE (VoLTE) with faster connection and clearer sound quality across the two networks.”

“Today, both companies are very pleased to work together and set a new milestone for 4G service in Thailand’s telecom industry. Moreover, it is our common goal to bring the highest quality in 4G to customers of both mobile operators. Experience high-definition sound quality from a phone call and video call* which is superior to ordinary 4G phone call. Phone connection becomes faster between AIS and dtac as well as internet access. File sharing including photo and video among smartphones can be achieved without interrupting the phone conversation.”

“This collaboration affirms our determination from AIS and dtac to bring world-class 4G technology to customers in Thailand including superior voice, video and data. Both companies comply with Thai government in urging mobile operators to utilize telecom spectrums for the best benefits of Thais.”

Both AIS and dtac customers can get more details on VoLTE service and compatible smartphones from the companies’ websites:

For AIS customers, please visit

For dtac customers, please visit

*Video call function featuring high definition will be available beginning October 18, 2016.