AIS together with JSL is launching "Gig & Doo: Ta Ngao Siang", a spin off of Thailand's most popular variety TV show is now on Mobile via AIS Play

1 September 2016 : AIS is making an aggressive move to lead Thailand’s video platform by pushing AIS Play as No.1 most popular application in digital entertainment. Collaborating with JSL, leader in entertainment media, AIS is about to deliver a new variety show called “Gig & Doo: Ta Ngao Siang” viewable only on AIS network. Gig & Doo: Ta Ngao Siang is a spin off of highly successful “Gig & Doo: Songkram Pleng Ngernlarn”, the TV variety show that receives the highest rating this year.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, Executive Vice President in Marketing at Advanced Info Service PLC, explained that AIS has been especially interested in video-related services as it is today’s trendsetter. Statistics show that more than 60% of Thai people use smart phones to connect the internet and watch video contents, and over 80% prefer video-on-demand so they can enjoy the programs anytime, anywhere, with no restrictions from TV program schedule.

AIS Play is an application developed especially to meet Thai preference. The platform offers a variety of video contents available for viewing live or replay, anytime and anywhere. Together with AIS’s best mobile network and fixed broadband, in collaboration with leading content providers worldwide, AIS brings local and international contents to AIS customers for exclusive viewing on AIS Play app. Some of the latest talk-of-the-town contents include full-scale live concert by GMM with more than 10 concerts throughout this year, and live broadcast and replay matches of Rio Olympic Games 2016 on AIS network only that received high viewing. The hugh success back-to-back puts AIS Play as the most sought-after and most downloaded application under Entertainment category in App Store. Currently, AIS Play earns more than two million downloads.

“Today, AIS joins hand with JSL, leader in TV entertainment, to create an important phenomenon that will rock video-platform market once again. The two companies will launch “Gig & Doo: Ta Ngao Siang” (Gig & Doo: Shadow Singing Challenge) available exclusively on AIS Playbox via AIS Play. The variety show is designed especially for smartphone viewing and for those who prefer video-on-demand,” Pratthana added.

Gig & Doo: Ta Ngao Siang is a music variety show packed with laughter and excitement. The show’s mission is to search for “shadow voice” or impersonator whose singing voice is very identical to original singers. The mobile-phone version differs from the first TV program in that as many as seven contestants can compete in an episode. The original singer is welcome to choose his or her preferred shadow voice and present an award. Moreover, contestants are entitled for the most-viewed shadow voice of the week with a chance to win Samsung Galaxy View for a total of 13 prizes worth 310,700 baht.

Gig & Doo: Ta Ngao Siang first episode will be broadcast on September 6, 2016, at 8:00 pm. Meet young and vibrant vocalists including Kong Huayrai ,Thongchai (Bird) McIntyre , Tom Rainbow, and Ble Patumraj to name a few. Their appearances are exclusive for AIS customers only! Watch Gig & Doo: Ta Ngao Siang at no charge on AIS Play app and AIS Play Box.

Mr. Watchara Waewwutthinan, Chief Executive Officer of JSL Global Media Company Limited, speaks of his collaboration with AIS: “Due to enormous success of Gig & Doo: Songkram Pleng Ngern Larn, which becomes the highest rating TV program this year, JSL and Tripple Two see an opportunity to extend its content from TV to mobile phone. Nowadays, viewers have freedom to view their preferred TV programs anytime, anywhere, through internet connection. JSL needs to develop contents and platforms that support viewers’ behaviors. Therefore, JSL is proud to work with AIS, Thailand’s No.1 in mobile network, to develop a new music variety show called “Gig & Doo: Ta Ngao Siang.” This program is available exclusively on AIS network and fixed broadband. Double the fun with laughter and excitement from the charismatic show hosts:

Kiat (Gig) Kitchareon and Sanya (Doo) Kunakorn. Both entertainers will bring fun and laughter to the viewers throughout the show.”

“AIS is very pleased to welcome JSL as the strategic partner in this project. It is important that JSL trusts AIS network capacity and video platform in delivering digital entertainment to the public. This campaign will mark yet another step of digital entertainment in Thailand, and prove that AIS and our partners can grow together in digital ecosystem. AIS remains vigorous in sourcing best-quality contents in entertainment, locally and internationally, to deliver the ultimate experiences to our customers and Thai public indefinitely,” Pratthana added.