AIS presents "Hyper-Reality", the technology of the future Enjoy an immersive new experience of playing games, watching movies and navigating the virtual world for the first time in Thailand

August 2, 2016: AIS, stressing its leadership in advanced innovation technologies, today introduces the technology of the future, AIS Hyper-Reality Experience. AIS is the first provider applying this new level of Virtual Reality to bring the best Hyper-Reality technology to its customers and the people of Thailand.

Put on a pair of special glasses, and then customer can enjoy the virtual reality that not only brings more fun but also allow user to re-act via a variety of solutions be it:

  • AIS Hyper-Reality Game: Experience a new dimension in gaming to enhance your excitement. You will be transported into the virtual world, making you feel as if you are living in the game world and directly experiencing the challenging tasks you confront as a player.
  • AIS Hyper-Reality Spaceship: Navigate through space in a way that makes you feel as if you are really walking around inside a real spaceship. Also, for the first time, players can share pictures of the atmosphere in the virtual world on social media.
  • AIS Hyper-Reality Gallery: Tear down the old two-dimensional approach to viewing artwork. Give yourself a new perspective that makes art more real and moving, while admiring works created by the renowned Thai street artist Alex Face.
  • AIS Hyper-Reality Theater: A new way of watching movies anywhere and anytime that will make you feel as if you’re viewing a giant screen without going to the cinema.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, executive vice-president for marketing of Advanced Info Service Plc. (AIS), talked about “AIS Hyper-Reality Experience” by saying that through these years, AIS, as Thailand’s leader in digital network, is dedicated to developing its products and services in every aspect in order to continuously bring the best to customers. Specifically, the company has been incessantly developing its network since the launch of 4G technology last January to become the best. Nowadays, after a mere half a year, our 4G network covers all of the country’s 77 provinces, the largest 4G coverage in Thailand . Moreover, we currently provide 4.5G service for commercial purpose with a maximum speed of 1Gbps. This made us world’s first provider of the kind in addition to AIS Fibre service which has by far covered approximately two million households.

“Today, to reinforce the company’s leadership in digital network, AIS stepped up to another level by offering superior experience to customers and general Thai people alike through world’s best technology of the future, “Hyper-Reality”. The technology enable us give customers accessibility to more various contents for the first in Thailand.

This will change your visual experience of games, movies and the arts. It’s so real that you’ll feel as if you’re physically present inside the setting of the game you’re playing, in the cinema watching a movie, or at an art exhibition. Furthermore, with this technology, users can move around freely.”

Mrs. Bussaya Sathira-pipatkul, executive vice-president for customer and service management of AIS, added: “AIS customers and interested people can have a glimpse of this special AIS Hyper-Reality Experience at three AIS Shops at CentralWorld, Central Plaza Pinklao and Central Plaza Lardprao.

“These shops also serve as centers for full-cycle services for customers in addition to showcasing advanced, innovative products and services. As well, in order to better respond to customers’ needs for convenience and speed, our shops are equipped with fully digitized services. Throughout the years, AIS has always been focused on selecting advanced technologies that enable us to be the first to offer special experiences to our customers and Thai people.”

“Thai people can experience the fun from today onward at the three AIS Shops. Those who are interested in exploring further can buy devices and download Hyper-Reality content free at and take it home. This special virtual experience will operate smoothly via AIS’s high quality hi-speed internet.

“As the true leader in innovations in the digital world, AIS is determined to be the first to select the best technologies of the future for its customers and Thai people to enjoy,” Mr. Pratthana concluded.