"AIS" Joins with "GMM GRAMMY", Creating new entertainment phenomena on the VDO Platform! For the First Time in Thailand! Live Streaming Concerts Giving Our Customers Entertainment Experiences with Live and Reeun FREE! ONLY HERE!

29 July 2016: AIS reemphasizes its reigning No.1 position in VDO platforms in Thailand through an alliance with “GMM Grammy”, Thailand’s entertainment leader for the creation of new entertainment phenomena with a full range of the best exclusive Grammy content such as concerts and the popular series for AIS customers to view LIVE or re-run streaming for FREE! The collaborationalso offers best VDO platforms namely AIS PLAY and AIS PLAYBOX entertainment for Thais and AIS customers. Enjoy this full range of the best entertainment today’s Digital Age has to offer at anytime and anywhere.

For the first time in Thailand with Live Streaming of 10of the year’s biggest concerts ”LIVE” for AIS customers for FREE! Enjoy watching in Real Time with the concert-goers in the hall! Begin with PACK 4 with 4 leading rock stars on 3 Sept. 16, including the latest series, Melodies of Life, Angkor 100 million Views and Artist Story with more than 112 “Music Master” episodes broadcast from 1 Aug. 16 onward with the launching of rerun watching on the AIS PLAY and AIS PLAYBOX applications only.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, Executive Vice President - Marketing, AIS, says, “Today, we have already advanced into the DATA Era with the strong capacity of the AIS Digital Infrastructure featuring 3G, 4G, 4.5 G, AIS SUPER WiFi and AIS FIBRE enabling AIS to efficiently offer a full range of digital content experiences to AIS customers. As a result, VDO content are growing in leaps and bounds at over 167 % in comparison to the recent year. Therefore, in order to reinforce its leadership status in VDO platforms. So, AIS has forged a key alliance with GMM Grammy, Thailand’s number-one entertainment giant. This alliance is a long-term strategy in terms of song distribution, content access channels, etc. And today, we are joining hands on another level aimed at creating the best digital platform for AIS customers and more importantly for all “Thais” by putting synergy and leveraging the strength of both companies together in offering exciting entertainment experiences with Grammy’s best content. We are offering concerts and popular series for AIS customers to view, for FREE! We are also offering both LIVE and Re-run streaming exclusively on the AIS PLAY and AIS PLAYBOX applications. This is composed of the following:

  1. LIVE Streaming Concerts firsst time ever Thailand with live broadcasts of over 10 GRAMMY concerts on the AIS Play and AIS PLAYBOX applications for AIS customers to watch for free! Have fun from start to finish with a special LIVE X 3 technique; so you can choose to watch concerts from multiple viewing. Even better, we offer CONCERT PACK 4 from 4 rock views “Bank-Pab-Num-Kwang” on 3 Sept. 16 and Bodyslam and The Orchestra concerts, including concerts that are soon coming throughout this 2016 year.
  2. Series : The Melodies of life series with shows like “Khon Mai Mee Faen”, “Phaab Luang Ta”, “Pen Yang Nee Tang Tae Kerd” and “Bad Friend”. Also included are Angkor 100 Million View Series such as “Chuak Wiset”, “Lom Plian Tis”, Phum Phae Krungthep” and “Mai Koey”. All of these can be watched exclusively as Re-run on AIS PLAY and AIS PLAYBOX applications only.
  3. Artist Story – The Music Masters program, telling the story of four leading artists in Thailand, namely, Toon Bodyslam, Pup Potato, Name Prakarn Raiva and Lham 25 hours. All of these can be watched exclusively as Re-runs on AIS PLAY and AIS PLAYBOX applications only.

Mr. Fahmai Damrongchaitham, Managing Director of GMM Grammy PCL, disclosed about this cooperation with AIS, “Because GMM Grammy is the largest entertainment content provider in Thailand. This year we have made adjustments in managing our content for easier access by consumers through a wide range of channels by employing the Total Viewer Experience in brining entertainment to multi platforms for maximum benefit among the two following target groups:

In terms of viewers, modern lifestyles have continuously shaped people to be viewing multi-screen contents. This means current consumer behavior has boiled down to the fact that people are viewing more than just one single screen. Rather, they have access to other media channels, too, such as TV, mobile phones, computers and tablets. This has compelled us to bring content to every multi-screen platform for viewing access to match the “On Demand” lifestyles of modern viewers. This method will result in online engagement with higher efficiency while sponsors can create product experiences in combination with content and become a part of the lifestyles of views via every contact point. Consequently, their brands will play roles in the lives of consumers with better brand engagement for consumers.

Thus, launching services via AIS PLAY and AIS PLAYBOX will help expand our performance in managing content as follows: 1. LIVE streaming of concerts, which will enable us to expand concert performances by extending access to a broader range of viewers. The outstanding features of watching LIVE streaming via AIS PLAY are multi-view platforms, allowing viewers to watch the shows at concerts from multiple viewpoints; 2. Series made from hit songs that are currently popular. Viewers can even view their favorite series in playbacks whenever they want with as many as 104 episodes and 3. Artist Story, which tells the stories, ideas and viewpoints of pop icon artists in the music field. It also tells about the inspiration and climb to the top of the Thai music industry. In this way, we can create inspirations for viewers in achieving their own goals. We believe this content will be well-received by viewers and should result in online engagement. When this engagement is in the form of comments, word-of-mouth or sharing, it will give greater publicity to our content, said Mr. Fahmai.

“AIS is thrilled that GMM Grammy has entrusted AIS with belief in the capacity of our network and platforms, so we can join together in offering our customers a full digital entertainment experience. The Digital Ecosystem of the video content in Thailand can grow together,” Mr. Pratthana concluded