AIS announces its vision in supporting the country's business sector in drive towards the digital economy

Company and business partners launch "AIS Business Cloud" Cloud service in Thailand upgraded to world-class standard levels for the first time to help businesses grow and respond to enterprise customers' needs

July 6, 2016: AIS, strengthening its leadership in digital networks and services, has outlined a new vision and policies to support Thailand's business sector. The goal is to ensure the advance of the Digital Enterprise, a pivotal factor in the country's digital economy.

The vision includes a new role for AIS as "Thailand's No. 1 Cloud Service Provider". Collaborating with international partners — Microsoft, VMware NSX, NetApp and Check Point — the company is offering "AIS Business Cloud", a fully integrated service of world-class standard, for the first time in Thailand.

Mainly targeting enterprise customers of all sizes, AIS Business Cloud is designed to facilitate growth while creating new opportunities for every industry. It offers benefits for every business striving to manage the digital transformation and participate fully in the Thailand 4.0 economy.

Mr. Hui Weng Cheong, Chief Operating Officer of AIS said: "Now that digital technology is a pivotal element in national development, it is driving expansion in all aspects, especially Thailand's business sector. As businesses move into the era of Digital Transformation, we are applying our strengths in digital networks, mobile and fixed alike, to further grow Thailand's digital infrastructure. Our strategy is to work alongside our technology partners who are the leaders in their respective fields and to fully integrate the digital ecosystem via AIS.

"Cloud Computing technology is now a key factor for organizations from large corporations to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It is at the center of the enterprise, providing support to the latest, yet ever-changing technologies. Use of Cloud-based services provides each enterprise with advanced tools that can be applied to every function. It consequently increases competitive capability while reducing expenses because investment in back-office systems is no longer needed."

Today, AIS is ready to introduce our AIS Business Cloud service incorporating:

  • Complete scope covering the needs of every industry with international-level standards Cloud infrastructure from platforms to software, to network, security and managed services. It's designed to be functional for both the public and private sectors, from large corporations to SMEs and start-ups.
  • Confidence in security provided by Carrier-Grade Tier 4 Data Center at 2 locations and ISO 27001 certified. AIS provides security at 99.99% of the SLA Standard for the best Cloud service provision. Further, the system offers joint connectivity to either the internet or the enterprise network more efficiently due to AIS's high-quality network pool.
  • Trustworthy capability of our highly stable network — 3G, 4G and 4.5G — covering the whole country, in addition to enterprise data services such as domestic and international data circuits and corporate internet. These make it possible for us to be an end-to-end single service provider, the only one in Thailand.
  • Assurance of our care and service by teams of experts who are ready to provide consultation and advice, and resolve problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Advanced world-class service standards in collaboration with partners who are global leaders in their respective fields and highly regarded among businesses.

AIS Business Cloud service comprises:

  1. Enterprise Cloud powered by VMWare in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). AIS is the first provider in Thailand to invest in providing the next generation VMWare NSX, an international Cloud network and security platform from VMWare. The VMWare platform consists of virtual machines, CPU, RAM, storage and firewall, and customers can choose additional supporting services.
  2. Integrated Backup as a Service, in cooperation with NetApp, is a data storage service with high efficiency and security because data will be analyzed and compressed to save space, and will be encrypted before sending and storing.
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS) for instant Office 365 service, in cooperation with Microsoft, is suitable for businesses that want access to Microsoft Office tools anytime and anywhere via various devices. Mobile Threat Prevention service, in cooperation with Check Point, helps prevent threats from application usage via mobile phones. WeCloud service is storage space in the Cloud for enterprises in particular.
  4. Cloud Managed Service for enterprises that need consultancy from IT experts on network and security system maintenance, and other services including system implementation or migration for enterprises lacking in-house Cloud system experts. A 24-hour IT monitoring service is also provided.

For enterprise customers who are interested in AIS Business Cloud, please contact the AIS enterprise service team, AIS Call Center 1149, or visit

"With the passion and drive of our people, who are devoted to continuously developing their knowledge and expertise in digital technology, together with our service-minded attitude towards helping customers enabled by the company's professional business management, I want to assure our enterprise customers of our commitment to providing service of the highest quality and reliability. We are prepared to stand by your side and create new opportunities so that we can grow together sustainably," Mr. Hui concluded.