AIS joins forces with iStudio to offer a superior 4G No. 1 experience Alliance with leading brand gives all customers a fully integrated digital services

July 11, 2016: AIS has expanded its digital ecosystem strategy by joining forces with iStudio, one of leading technology retail brands. Cooperation with three local allies that are authorized agents of iStudio — Copperwired, SPVi and UFicon — enables AIS to offer a superior digital lifestyle experience to its customers and those of iStudio. The service will be innovative in every dimension, encompassing smart gadgets, networks, services, privileges and access to technology gurus to provide professional advice of a world-class standard.

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, Executive vice president of marketing for Advanced Info Service Plc, said: “Responding to the changing trend in the digital era, AIS today is taking another step forward as a Digital Life Service Provider. Our mobile, fixed-line and digital services, provided under the “Live Digital Live More” concept, enable customers and the Thai public in general to live more fulfilling lives.

“The new concept also reflects our cooperation with partners to build a fully integrated digital ecosystem, which not only strengthens our business but also enables us to deliver digital services to customers more efficiently in all dimensions of Digital Life.

“Today, we have reached another milestone in cooperation with iStudio, a leading global brand, through Copperwired, SPVi and UFicon. Our main purpose is to deliver benefits as well as the ultimate in convenience to both AIS and iStudio customers. This exclusive partnership will enhance the company’s service quality in terms of gadgets, networks, aftet-sale services and privileges. As well, our teams of technology experts will provide professional advice to customers. Stationed at all 60 stores, these tech gurus will provide digital services in three areas:

  1. Offers with special privileges for the purchase of world-class smartphones or smart devices: This continual promotion, together with advice from our gurus, is for customers of both AIS and iStudio.
  2. Customer Service: For AIS customers or those who wish to port to the AIS network. Services include registering a new number on pre- and post-paid systems, monlie number portability to the AIS network, changing from pre-paid to post-paid service, changing SIM card promotions, and after-sales service when purchasing our world-class smartphones.
  3. Collaboration to Establish a Digital Community: Digital experience enthusiasts can take part in workshop activities, plus special offers at U-Stores in every university.

“Our cooperation with iStudio is highly significant as it reflects the shared vision of AIS as a digital infrastructure creator and iStudio as a world-class smart gadget technology center. Also sharing our vision are the three authorized agents of iStudio. Together we are determined to deliver a superior digital lifestyle experience to Thai people based on our digital partnership.

“Importantly, this move will create more opportunities to make international digital technology accessible to more Thai people,” Mr. Pratthana said.

Also welcoming the new partnership, on behalf of iStudio, were Mr. Paramate Rienjaroensuk, President and chief executive officer of Copperwired Co., Ltd.; Ms. Piyalada Chaochoowech, General manager of UFicon Co., Ltd.; and Mr. Trisorn Volyarngosol, Managing director of S P V I Plc. They said: “On behalf of iStudio, a leader in technology retail, the three of us have combined to create a network of more than 60 stores across Thailand. We share a vision of delivering the best digital lifestyle experience to customers via advanced devices including the iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook and other quality products.

“As the world has fully shifted to the digital era, everything around us today is driven by technology. Effectively connecting these technologies and bringing them to life requires a quality digital network infrastructure. For this reason, partnership with AIS, the leader in digital network and service provision, will empower iStudio’s service capability, making it more diversified and complete. As a result, we will be able to respond even better to our customers’ needs.

“For the business, the agreement creates synergy within the same ecosystem, which will support as well as strengthen each other’s business in addition to stimulating growth and increasing business opportunities. Ultimately, it will yield the optimum benefits to customers of both parties.”