AIS launches its innovative Safe & Care Application allowing customers to safely manage the mobile devices of their loved ones The first of its kind in Thailand!

27th June, 2016 : AIS has launched Safe & Care, an innovative application which allows our customers to manage the mobile devices of their loved ones and ensure their safety, anywhere and anytime. Strengthening AIS’ innovation leadership, the application is the first of its kind in Thailand and features a complete set of family-focused safety functions.

Mr. Titipong Khiewpaisal, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Advanced Info Services Plc. (AIS) said, “AIS’ clear objective is to run its business with the 4 Bests in mind; namely, to provide the Best Network, Best Applications, Best Services and Best People for our customers. As the number one service provider in Thailand and a leader in innovation, we are constantly looking at developing new applications and adopting new technologies to bring convenience and simplicity to peoples’ lives.

AIS’ Safe & Care has been developed to ensure customer safety and security in the ever-changing society, particularly amongst young children and the elderly where mobile phone ownership is on the increase. This is also in line with our support of the family as the institution, where safe and secure usage of communication services would strengthen and enhance family ties.

The application makes it possible for our customers to manage the mobile devices of their loved ones, particularly children and senior members, where safety and security of the family is of paramount importance when apart from each other. Safe & Care is the first application in Thailand that is capable of integrating the most complete set of functions into just one application, thereby making usage simpler and more convenient for customers, since no other additional devices are needed.”

Mr. Suvit Arayavilaipong, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Advanced Info Services Plc. (AIS) added, “To elaborate further, AIS’ Safe & Care application places a firm emphasis on helping loved ones keep in touch across two main areas:

  • The Parental Control function allows parents to manage and select the applications their children can safely use at all times. In short, device usage is appropriate to the child’s age and fosters responsible and suitable use.
  • The Family Safe function ensures the personal safety of family members, including children and the elderly, through various means. For example, the Family Location function provides the location of family members anywhere and anytime, in addition to designating a personal Safety Zone and sending an alert when the user moves in and out of that zone. The Check In function allows users to send their location to their family. Family Alert sends a signal for help in case of an emergency and Phone Security indicates the last known location of the device. This function will automatically lock and delete data on the device if it is lost.

AIS customers can download the Safe & Care application now and enjoy our promotion – starting price at 49 baht per month plus fee-free for the 2nd and 3rd months. Simply press *629*1# and call. Serenade customers can enjoy fee-free usage for the first two months starting now. Press *629*41# then call. For more details, please visit our website at

“We are confident that AIS’ Safe & Care application will be truly beneficial to our customers, as it allows them to provide love and care by ensuring the safety of the people they care about, even when they are apart. As the leader in application innovation, AIS continues to provide the latest in high value digital services for our customers, so that they can feel confident that their loved ones are safe and secure every time they use a mobile phone,” Mr. Titipong concluded.