AIS One-2 Call! Strengthens its prepaid market leadership with ‘ZEED SIM 4G YouTube' to attract teenagers, the first to allow YouTube streaming with no time limit!

June 16, 2016: AIS One-2-Call! is strengthening its long-established leadership in the country’s prepaid market, in particular its position as Number 1 in teenagers’ hearts. The company continues to offer the best quality services on both 4G and 3G networks covering the whole country along with attractive promotional packages.

To take its leadership to a new level, AIS has introduced a new package allowing teenage customers who use 4G technology to enjoy YouTube video content without interruption. The ZEED SIM 4G YouTube package places no time limit on free video content totaling up to 24GB, and also offers 6GB of free internet service.

The package also allows customers to make phone calls to every network at 25 satang per second (1 baht for the first minute). All customers have to do is top up their cash by at least 100 baht a month to enjoy unlimited fun at the best price.

At the same time, AIS has created an inspiration-triggering campaign under the name “ZEED for YouTube” for teenage customers. Our young customers are invited to create, in their own style, video content to post on YouTube, and winners will have a chance to visit Google regional headquarters in Singapore.

Mr. Titipong Khiewpaisal, Senior Vice President for Marketing with Advanced Info Service Plc., said: “AIS, under the One-2-Call! brand, has been focusing on the prepaid market for longer than 17 years. We’ve always been dedicated to developing innovations and services that respond to mobile phone usage trends and fulfill the ever-changing lifestyle needs of our customers. Our effort to constantly create new experiences for our customers has made AIS One-2-Call! the Number 1 brand in the prepaid market.

“Out of our 48% prepaid market share, one of our core target groups is teenagers. And One-2-Call! has always been the flagship for this group. In February 2015 we launched the ZEED SIM service aimed at young customers. The campaign achieved its goal. As a result, AIS became the number 1 service provider in this age group.

“Today, thanks to the high potential of 4G and 3G technologies from AIS covering all 77 provinces nationwide, users can connect rapidly with the internet anywhere and anytime. This convenience has resulted in a significant number of users watching video content on mobile phones. A survey shows that the most popular channel among teenagers is YouTube.

“Therefore, AIS One-2-Call! has launched a new ‘ZEED SIM 4G YouTube’ package, designed to open a new world experience to teenagers. They can enjoy watching videos on YouTube free and with no time limit to a total of 24GB (2GB per month for 12 months), plus 6GB of free internet (500MB per month for 12 months), in addition to free AIS WiFi for 4 months. As well, customers can make phone calls on any network for only 25 satang per second (1 baht for the first minute). Customers can use the service continuously as long as they top up their cash by at least 100 baht per month.

“To promote the new service we have created a campaign called ‘ZEED for YouTuber’ to inspire teenagers. Our chic presenters representing the young online generation are: Jannine ‘Ploychompoo’ Weigel, Thailand’s leading YouTube personality and a singer with hundreds of millions of views; Thanida ‘Pimtha’ Manalertruengkul, an internet idol with more than 2 million followers; Jirakit ‘Mek’ Thawornwong, a young leading actor from popular series; and Thanat ‘Marc’ Rattanasiriphan, lead singer of Kamikaze.

“These four idols will inspire our teenage customers and unleash their power to dare to create and share their works with the world. Any of our customers could become the next new YouTube stars by embracing the ‘Now or Never’ concept. Winners of the contest will have a chance to visit Google regional headquarters in Singapore, and to join the YouTube Space Workshop in Thailand with our four presenters.”

To enter the contest, just produce a video clip in your own style and post it on YouTube. The content can be either individual or collective. Then register your URL link at from today until July 31, 2016. The 10 finalists will be announced on August 5, 2016.

Buy ZEED SIM 4G YouTube today for only 50 baht at AIS shops, Telewiz and authorized shops across Thailand.